Fertility Preservation in Male Cancer Patients

Fertility Preservation in Male Cancer Patients

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Cambridge University Press, 2/21/2013
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Hardcover, 362 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 2.4 cm
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Men with cancer rendered infertile by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone therapy that are needed to control or cure their disease are increasingly being offered the chance to preserve their reproductive potential through artificial reproductive technologies. Cryopreservation of sperm and testicular tissue have increasingly helped boys and men preserve their fertility. There is a growing subspecialty within reproductive medicine aimed at fertility preservation in this population. Furthermore, strategies are being developed that may in the future revolutionize the approach to such patients. Written by international authorities in the field of fertility preservation, this comprehensive book is aimed at clinicians dealing with male cancer patients, in particular, urologists, andrologists, oncologists, pediatricians and nursing staff as well as clinicians in reproductive endocrinology. The text reviews the impact of cancers and their treatment on male fertility, the available fertility preservation strategies and post-treatment management.

Part I. Anatomy and Physiology
1. Functional anatomy of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testis axis and male reproductive tract Nelson E. Bennett, Jr
2. Spermatogenesis Kathleen Hwang, Alex Ridgeway and Dolores J. Lamb
3. The semen analysis Mary K. Samplaski and Edmund S. Sabanegh, Jr
4. Physiology of ejaculation François Giuliano and Pierre Clément
Part II. Disorders of Male Fertility
5. History and physical examination Ndidiamaka Onwubalili and Hossein Sadeghi-Nejad
6. Abnormalities of semen parameters Daniel H. Williams IV and Jay I. Sandlow
7. Azoospermia Cara B. Cimmino and Robert D. Oates
8. Varicocele Peter J. Stahl and Marc Goldstein
9. Disorders of ejaculation Doron S. Stember and John P. Mulhall
10. Androgen deficiency in the male Gregory C. Mitchell and Wayne J. G. Hellstrom
11. Infertility and male sexual dysfunction Raanan Tal
Part III. Impact of Cancers and Treatment of Male Fertility
12. Radiation effects on spermatogenesis Fabio Firmbach Pasqualatto and Ashok Agarwal
13. Chemotherapy
effects on spermatogenesis Akanksha Mehta and Mark Sigman
14. Effects of therapy for solid tumors Gretchen A. Gignac and Leonard H. Wexler
15. Lymphoma and leukemia Eytan Stein and Ariella Noy
16. Stem cell transplantation Ann A. Jakubowski
17. Fertility preservation in men with germ cell tumors Matthew T. Roberts and Keith Jarvi
18. Effects of therapy for brain cancer Elena Pentsova and Andrew B. Lassman
19. Male infertility following childhood cancer
special considerations for fertility preservation in children Mark F. H. Brougham and W. Hamish B. Wallace
Part IV. Preservation Strategies
20. Facilitating discussion about fertility preservation Gwendolyn P. Quinn and Susan T. Vadaparampil
21. Development of a program to address fertility preservation and parenthood after cancer treatment Joanne Frankel Kelvin
22. Psychological consultation and assessment Linda D. Applegarth
23. Nutraceuticals in fertility preservation Mark A. Moyad
24. Application of spermatogenesis suppression therapies for fertility preservation Rian J. Dickstein, Gunapala Shetty and Marvin L. Meistrich
25. Semen cryobiology and sperm banking Helen R. Levey and Bruce R. Gilbert
26. Ethical and legal considerations of sperm and tissue cryopreservation Melissa B. Brisman and Lauren Murray
27. The use of ejaculation induction procedures in cancer patients Dana A. Ohl, Mikkel Fode, Nancy L. Brackett, Charles M. Lynne, Susanne A. Quallich and Jens Sønksen
28. Sperm extraction in the pre-therapy patient Wayland Hsiao and Peter N. Schlegel
29. Fertility preservation in the pediatric population
germ cell culture and transplantation Kate H. Kraft and Thomas F. Kolon
30. Exogenous androgens
effect on spermatogenesis Mohit Khera
31. Fertility preservation in the female with cancer Kenny A. Rodriguez-Wallberg and Kutluk Oktay
Part V. Post-therapy Considerations
32. Psychological issues surrounding the use of sperm donation Allison B. Rosen and Lisa Rosenzweig
33. Medical therapy for male infertility Loren Jones and Craig Niederberger
34. Management of the varicocele in the treated patient Michael L. Eisenberg and Larry I. Lipshultz
35. Sperm extraction in the treated patient Wayland Hsiao and Peter N. Schlegel
36. Post-mortem sperm extraction Andrew C. Kramer and Ellen R. Goldmark
37. Fertility following antineoplastic therapy in the male
intrauterine insemination and the assisted reproductive technologies Hey-Joo Kang, Jack Huang and Owen K. Davis

'… an excellent textbook … a thorough overview of this specialist field. It is well-referenced and would certainly be of value as a starting text for MD/PhD students researching this area. It would also be recommended to clinicians in reproductive medicine, urologists, andrologists, oncologists, paediatricians and associated nursing specialists working in the expanding field of male fertility preservation.' Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology