Fetal Tissue Transplants in Medicine

Fetal Tissue Transplants in Medicine

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Reissue, 5/27/2011
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Professor Edwards is a pioneer of much of the research in applied human embryology, making a significant and invaluable contribution to knowledge in this field. In this 1992 book, he brought together the research experience of prominent scientists and clinicians. The most advanced scientific and clinical developments and techniques were presented, including both the transplantation of fetal tissue into mature recipients and the grafting of donor cells into fetuses known to be carrying a genetic disease. The successes and failures of these techniques as a clinical treatment and therapeutic tool are discussed. The book begins with an overview of embryologic devlopment: from fertilization to differentiation of cell lines and organogenesis. The transplantation of specific cell lines and tissue types is then considered. Transplantation techniques, donor–host interactions and immunology, cell and tissue storage are all discussed, as are the ethical issues and the legal implications.

List of contributors
1. Differentiation and transplantation of embryonic cells in mammals R. G. Edwards
2. Organogenesis and central nervous system development T. W. Sadler
3. Experimental human hematopoiesis in immunodeficient SCID mice engrafted with fetal blood-forming organs B. Péault, R. Namikawa, J. Krowka and J. M. McCune
4. Ontogeny of human T- and B-cell immunity M. Elder, M. S. Golbus and M. J. Cowan
5. The procurement of human fetal tissues for clinical transplantation. Practice and problems L. Wong
6. Transplantation of fetal haemopoietic and lymphopoietic cells in humans with special reference to in utero transplantation J. -L. Touraine
7. The biology of fetal brain tissue grafts
from mouse to man H. Sauer, S. B. Dunnett and P. Brundin
8. Clinical results of transplanting fetal pancreas B. E. Tuch
9. The suitability of fetal and infantile donors for corneal transplantation H. J. Völker-Dieben
10. Transplantation of ovaries and testes R. G. Gosden
11. Cell grafting and gene therapy in metabolic diseases M. Adinolfi
12. The low temperature preservation of fetal cells M. J. Ashwood-Smith
13. Law and ethics of transplanting fetal tissue J. C. Polkinghorne
code of practice on the use of fetuses and fetal material in research and treatment
Brief bibliography on various aspects of transplanting fetal tissue