Field Theories of Condensed Matter Physics

Field Theories of Condensed Matter Physics

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Eduardo Fradkin
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 2/28/2013
EAN 9780521764445, ISBN10: 0521764440

Hardcover, 852 pages, 24.9 x 18.2 x 4.6 cm
Language: English

Presenting the physics of the most challenging problems in condensed matter using the conceptual framework of quantum field theory, this book is of great interest to physicists in condensed matter and high energy and string theorists, as well as mathematicians. Revised and updated, this second edition features new chapters on the renormalization group, the Luttinger liquid, gauge theory, topological fluids, topological insulators and quantum entanglement. The book begins with the basic concepts and tools, developing them gradually to bring readers to the issues currently faced at the frontiers of research, such as topological phases of matter, quantum and classical critical phenomena, quantum Hall effects and superconductors. Other topics covered include one-dimensional strongly correlated systems, quantum ordered and disordered phases, topological structures in condensed matter and in field theory and fractional statistics.

1. Introduction
2. The Hubbard model
3. The magnetic instability of the Fermi system
4. The renormalization group and scaling
5. One-dimensional quantum antiferromagnets
6. The Luttinger liquid
7. Sigma models and topological terms
8. Spin liquid states
9. Gauge theory, dimer models, and topological phases
10. Chiral spin states and anyons
11. Anyon superconductivity
12. Topology and quantum Hall effect
13. The fractional quantum Hall effect
14. Topological fluids
15. Physics at the edge
16. Topological insulators
17. Quantum entanglement