Fiscal Decentralization in Developing Countries (Trade and Development)

Fiscal Decentralization in Developing Countries (Trade and Development)

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Richard M. Bird
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Reissue, 3/9/2009
EAN 9780521101585, ISBN10: 0521101581

Paperback, 320 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2 cm
Language: English

There appears to be an increasing trend in worldwide fiscal decentralization. In particular, many developing countries are turning to various forms of fiscal decentralization as an escape from inefficient and ineffective governance, macroeconomic stability, and inadequate growth. Fiscal Decentralization in Developing Countries: An Overview edited by Professors Bird and Vaillancourt and featuring important research from leading scholars assesses the progress, problems and potentials of fiscal decentralization in a variety of developing countries around the world. With rich and varied case-study material from countries as diverse as India, China, Colombia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and South Africa this volume complements neatly the collection Fiscal Aspects of Evolving Federations edited by David Wildasin and also published by Cambridge, which presented theoretical advances in the area of research.

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List of contributors
1. Fiscal decentralization in developing countries
an overview Richard M. Bird and François Vaillancourt
2. China
evaluating the impact of intergovernmental fiscal reform Roy W. Bahl
3. India
intergovernmental fiscal relations in a planned economy M. Govinda Rao
4. Indonesia and Pakistan
fiscal decentralization - an elusive goal? Anwar Shah
5. Morocco and Tunisia
financing local governments - the impact on infrastructure finance François Vaillancourt
6. Colombia
the central role of the central government in fiscal decentralization Richard M. Bird and Ariel Fiszbein
7. Argentina
fiscal federalism and decentralization Ernesto Rezk
8. South Africa
an intergovernmental fiscal system in transition Junaid K. Ahmad
9. Bosnia-Herzegovina
fiscal federalism - the Dayton challenge William Fox and Christine Wallich