Forensic Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of Young Offenders

Forensic Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of Young Offenders

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 4/24/2017
EAN 9781107003644, ISBN10: 1107003644

Hardcover, 346 pages, 25.3 x 19.4 x 2 cm
Language: English

Written for practitioners and policymakers, this book will help professionals across health, education, social care and juvenile justice services to understand the needs of young offenders and adolescents at risk of entering the criminal justice system. Developmental in approach, the textbook provides a comprehensive overview of forensic child and adolescent mental health, using cases to help clinicians link theoretical principles to practice and understand how mental health and neurodevelopmental impairment can relate to offending behaviour. With an emphasis on preventive initiatives, early intervention and the building of psycho-social resilience through the delivery of values based practice, this book highlights the need for comprehensive assessment for young people across multiple domains of their lives. This book is of interest to all clinicians working within mental health teams, practitioners working with children and adolescents, professionals involved with youth justice and medico-legal issues, and politicians responsible for establishing health and social policy.

List of contributors
1. The nature of adolescence Mary Shooter and Mike Shooter
2. Origins of adolescent offending Barbara Maughan
3. Psychosocial resilience, psychosocial care and forensic mental healthcare Verity Kemp and Richard Williams
4. Assessment of young offenders
mental health, physical, educational and social needs Prathiba Chitsabesan and Lorraine Khan
5. Risk assessment and management with adolescents Charlotte Lennox and James Millington
6. The influence of neurodevelopmental impairment on youth crime Prathiba Chitsabesan, Nathan Hughes and Hugh Williams
7. Serious offences - origins and nature of individual violence Charlotte Lennox and Rajan Nathan
8. Childhood predictors of young homicide offenders and victims and their implications for interventions Lia Ahonen, David Farrington, Rolf Loeber, Dustin Pardini and Rebecca Stallings
9. Group violence and youth gangs Lorraine Khan, Heather Law and Sally Zlotowitz
10. Young people with harmful sexual behaviours Simon Hackett, Maeve Murphy and Kenny Ross
11. Depression and self-harm and suicidal behaviour in young offenders Heidi Hales, Justine Rothwell and Gemma Trainor
12. Post-traumatic stress disorder and complex trauma in young people at risk of entering the criminal justice system Shreeta Raja and Andrew Rogers
13. Young people with schizophrenia in forensic settings Enys Delmage
14. Substance misuse in young people with antisocial behaviour Sam Cox and Louise Theodosiou
15. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and antisocial behaviour Ben Greer, Oliver White and Susan Young
16. Autistic spectrum disorders in young people in the criminal justice system Gillian Baird and Ernest Gralton
17. Youth psychopathy Elaine Johnstone
18. Treatment and management
early interventions in conduct disorder and oppositional defiant disorder Justine Ifield, Stephen Scott and Leena K. Augimeri
19. Cognitive, behavioural and related approaches in young offenders Paul Mitchell and Charlotte Staniforth
20. Systemic treatment approaches in young people with risky behaviours Simone Fox and Helen Jones
21. Sounding the picture - drawing out the sound
music therapy and art therapy with young people who have committed serious criminal offences Lynn Aulich and Joanna Holroyd
22. Children and the law Enys Delmage, Mike Shaw and Hannele Variend
23. Youth justice services in England and Wales Paul Tarbuck
24. Working with young people in a secure environment Pam Hibbert, Paul Mitchell and Jim Rose