Formal Approaches in Categorization

Formal Approaches in Categorization

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Cambridge University Press, 2011-01-27
EAN 9780521140720, ISBN10: 0521140722

Hardcover, 348 pages, 22.8 x 22.3 x 15.2 cm

The process of constructing concepts underpins our capacity to encode information in an efficient and competent manner and also, ultimately, our ability to think in terms of abstract ideas such as justice, love and happiness. But what are the mechanisms which correspond to psychological categorization processes? This book unites many prominent approaches in modelling categorization. Each chapter focuses on a particular formal approach to categorization, presented by the proponent(s) or advocate(s) of that approach, and the authors consider the relation of this approach to other models and the ultimate objectives in their research programmes. The volume evaluates progress that has been made in the field and where it goes from here. This is an essential companion to any scientist interested in the formal description of categorization and, more generally, in formal approaches to cognition. It will be the definitive guide to formal approaches in categorization research for years to come.

Advance praise: 'A great introductory volume for advanced undergraduates, beginning graduate students, or those new to categorization research. This is the first place to turn before reading the original research papers, with chapters written by the same people who conducted that original research. The volume also provides an important object lesson on how formal approaches can critically shape our understanding of human cognition and is required reading for anyone interested in categorization.' Thomas Palmeri, Psychological Sciences, Vanderbilt University