Foundations of Component-Based Systems

Foundations of Component-Based Systems

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 4/25/2012
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This collection of articles by well-known experts was originally published in 2000 and is intended for researchers in computer science, practitioners of formal methods, and computer programmers working in safety-critical applications or in the technology of component-based systems. The work brings together several elements of this area that were fast becoming the focus of much research and practice in computing. The introduction by Clemens Szyperski gives a snapshot of research in the field. About half the articles deal with theoretical frameworks, models, and systems of notation; the rest of the book concentrates on case studies by researchers who have built prototype systems and present findings on architectures verification. The emphasis is on advances in the technological infrastructure of component-based systems; how to design and specify reusable components; and how to reason about, verify, and validate systems from components. Thus the book shows how theory might move into practice.

component software - a snapshot and future directions Clemens Szyperski
Part I. Frameworks and Architectures
1. Key concepts in architecture definition languages David C. Luckham, James Vera and Sigurd Meldal
2. Acme
a basis for architectural integration David Garlan, Robert Monroe and David Wile
3. An extensible language for composition Markus Lumpe, Franz Achermann and Oscar Nierstrasz
4. A framework for a formal and automated approach to component-based reuse Betty H. C. Cheng and Yonghao Chen
Part II. Object-Based Specification and Verification
5. Behavioral subtyping Gary T. Leavens and Krishna Kishore Dhara
6. Modular specification and verification techniques for object-oriented software components Peter Mueller and Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter
7. Respectful type converters for objects Jeannette M. Wing and John Ockerbloom
Part III. Formal Models and Semantics
8. A formal model of componentware Klaus Bergner, Manfred Broy, Andreas Rausch, Marc Sihling and Alexander Vilbig
9. General semantic spaces for specifications and templates David S. Gibson, Bruce W. Weide, Steven H. Edwards and Scott Pike
10. An implementation-oriented semantics for module composition Joseph Goguen and Will Tracz
Part IV. Reactive and Distributed Systems
11. Composition of reactive system components K. Lano, J. Bicarregui, T. Maibaum and J. Fiadeiro
12. The IOA language and toolset
support for mathematics-based distributed programming Stephen J. Garland and Nancy A. Lynch.

Review of the hardback: ' ... it is kind of material that is at the cutting edge of computer science and it is on these concepts that future programmes will be basing their work.' Application Development Advisor