Foundations of Nuclear and Particle Physics

Foundations of Nuclear and Particle Physics

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T. William Donnelly, Joseph A. Formaggio, Barry R. Holstein, Richard G. Milner, Bernd Surrow
Cambridge University Press, 2/1/2017
EAN 9780521765114, ISBN10: 0521765110

Hardcover, 658 pages, 25.5 x 19.5 x 3.2 cm
Language: English

This textbook brings together nuclear and particle physics, presenting a balanced overview of both fields as well as the interplay between the two. The theoretical as well as the experimental foundations are covered, providing students with a deep understanding of the subject. In-chapter exercises ranging from basic experimental to sophisticated theoretical questions provide an important tool for students to solidify their knowledge. Suitable for upper undergraduate courses in nuclear and particle physics as well as more advanced courses, the book includes road maps guiding instructors on tailoring the content to their course. Online resources including color figures, tables, and a solutions manual complete the teaching package. This textbook will be essential for students preparing for further study or a career in the field who require a solid grasp of both nuclear and particle physics.

1. Introduction
2. Symmetries
3. Building hadrons from quarks
4. The standard model
5. QCD and confinement
6. Chiral symmetry and QCD
7. Introduction to lepton scattering
8. Elastic electron scattering from the nucleon
9. Hadron structure via lepton-nucleon scattering
10. High-energy QCD
11. The nucleon-nucleon interaction
12. The structure and properties of few-body nuclei
13. Overview of many-body nuclei
14. Models of many-body nuclei
15. Electron scattering from discrete states
16. Electroexcitation of high-lying excitations of the nucleus
17. Beta decay
18. Neutrino physics
19. The physics of relativistic heavy-ions
20. Astrophysics
21. Beyond the standard model physics
Appendix A. Useful information
Appendix B. Quantum theory.