Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum: Volume 1 (Cambridge Library Collection - Classics)

Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum: Volume 1 (Cambridge Library Collection - Classics)

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Cambridge University Press, 11/18/2010
EAN 9781108016605, ISBN10: 110801660X

Paperback, 780 pages, 24.4 x 17 x 3.9 cm
Language: Latin

Karl Müller (1813–1894) published two standard works, Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum and Geographi Graeci Minores, which have never been superseded, but very little is known about his life, and he is frequently confused with Carl Otfried Müller, another great German classicist of the nineteenth century. Born near Hannover, Karl and his brother and collaborator Theodor both studied at the University of Göttingen, but both left Germany in 1839, probably for political reasons. They moved to Paris, where Fragmenta was produced in partnership with the printer–publisher Ambroise Firmin-Didot between 1841 and 1872. It covers histories which have been lost, but of which fragments survive in other works. Volume 1 contains histories by Hecataeus of Miletus, Charon of Lampsacus, and Apollodorus of Athens, which had been previously published by Klausen in 1831. The Appendix is a French transcription of the Greek inscription on the Rosetta Stone.

De vita et scriptis auctorum, quorum fragmenta hoc volumine comprehenduntur
Hecataei fragmenta
Charonis fragmenta
Xanthi fragmenta
Hellanici fragmenta
Pherecydis fragmenta
Acusilai fragmenta
Apollodori bibliothecae
Antiochi fragmenta
Philisti fragmenta
Timaei fragmenta
Ephori fragmenta
Theopompi fragmenta
Phylarchi fragmenta
Clitodemi fragmenta
Phanodemi fragmenta
Androtionis fragmenta
Demonis fragmenta
Philochori fragmenta
Istri fragmenta
Apollodori fragmenta
Marmor Parium
Inscription Grecque de Rosette, texte et traduction littérale, accompagnée d'un commentaire critique, historique et archéologique par M. Letronne.