French for Starters

French for Starters

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Edith Baer
Cambridge University Press, 9/25/1986
EAN 9780521270434, ISBN10: 052127043X

Paperback, 162 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 1 cm
Language: English

Ideal for the adult learner considering a holiday in France, who has either learnt no French before or is conscious of having learnt 'the wrong kind'. The content of the French for Starters Paperback is based on what a traveller would need to say when on holiday in France in predictable, and some amusingly unpredictable, situations. The first part deals with 'What you will need to say' and covers simple grammar points as they arise. The second part lets the learner loose on what he or she has learned in the first part, in a variety of practical situations. The accompanying cassettes provide lively examples and give short, memorable bursts of practice. A particularly attractive feature of the book are the cartoons by Celia Weber.

1. Starting points
2. Getting what you want
3. Going into details
4. Asking the right questions
5. Getting on the right track
6. Talking about yourself
7. More about yourself
8. Talking about a person or thing
9. Talking about more than one
10. All in the past
11. Shopping
12. Somewhere to stay
13. Going out to eat
14. Sightseeing
15. Having a wonderful time!
16. Socialising
17. Travelling around
18. Going by car
19. Telephoning
20. Money matters
21. Help!
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