Friedrich Engels and Marxian Political Economy (Historical Perspectives on Modern Economics)

Friedrich Engels and Marxian Political Economy (Historical Perspectives on Modern Economics)

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Samuel Hollander
Cambridge University Press, 5/23/2011
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Hardcover, 424 pages, 23.4 x 15.6 x 2.4 cm
Language: English

This book rejects the commonly encountered perception of Friedrich Engels as perpetuator of a 'tragic deception' of Marx, and the equally persistent body of opinion treating him as 'his master's voice'. Engels' claim to recognition is reinforced by an exceptional contribution in the 1840s to the very foundations of the Marxian enterprise, a contribution entailing not only the 'vision' but some of the building blocks in the working out of that vision. Subsequently, he proved himself to be a sophisticated interpreter of the doctrine of historical materialism and an important contributor in his own right. This volume serves as a companion to Samuel Hollander's The Economics of Karl Marx (Cambridge University Press, 2008).

1. Engels' early contribution
2. The surplus-value doctrine, Rodbertus' charge of plagiarism, and the transformation
3. Economic organization, income distribution, and the price mechanism
4. Revisionism I
constitutional reform versus revolution
5. Revisionism II
social reform
6. The Engels–Marx relationship
7. A methodological overview
the immediate legacy.

Advance praise: 'Based upon an extraordinarily close and careful reading of the texts, Hollander presents a detailed, comprehensive, and sophisticated assessment of key issues in the development of Engels's (and Marx's) economic ideas - this is a major and impressive contribution to scholarship in the field.' Greg Claeys, Royal Holloway, University of London