Full Employment Regained? (Department of Applied Economics Occasional Papers)

Full Employment Regained? (Department of Applied Economics Occasional Papers)

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J. E. Meade
Cambridge University Press, 11/1/1991
EAN 9780521556972, ISBN10: 052155697X

Paperback, 116 pages, 20.3 x 12.7 x 0.7 cm
Language: English

'Have we given up trying to gain full employment?' 'If not, what should we be trying to do about it?' These are the fundamental questions that James Meade poses, and attempts to answer, in this short but timely book. As the issue of full employment moves once again to the centre of the political debate, Professor Meade draws our attention to a number of economic and financial factors which are neglected in debate, and suggests a novel package of changes which could be used to tackle the full employment problem. He condemns the neglect of macroeconomic analysis in designing full-employment policies, and asserts that the money value of total domestic production rather than the price level should be the object of a combined fiscal-monetary policy, which itself should focus on low interest rates rather than low tax rates.

Foreword Robert M. Solow
1. Introduction
2. Demand management
3. The setting of prices and of wage rates
4. The distribution of income and wealth
Appendix A
The distinction between underdeveloped and overdeveloped economies
Appendix B
A diagrammatic representation of a citizen's income financed by a withdrawal surcharge
5. External relations
6. Conclusions
References and suggestions for further reading.