Functional Two-Dimensional Layered Materials ? From Graphene to Topological Insulators: Volume 1344 (MRS Proceedings)

Functional Two-Dimensional Layered Materials ? From Graphene to Topological Insulators: Volume 1344 (MRS Proceedings)

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Materials Research Society, 11/21/2011
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Hardcover, 168 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 1.1 cm
Language: English

Symposium Y, 'Functional Two-Dimensional Layered Materials', held at the 2011 MRS Spring Meeting in San Francisco, California, April 25−29, was the first MRS symposium to focus on graphene, topological insulator thin films and other 2D and quasi-2D materials together, aiming to highlight breakthroughs, progress and challenges in the synthesis, processing, structure and assembly of 2D layered materials and how these factors affect their properties and applications. The session topics included: materials synthesis and processing; structure and characterization; physical and chemical properties; electronic, thermal management and energy applications; topological insulators; and non-carbon 2D materials. This volume presents a selection of the papers given and provides an overview of the research topics and possible applications of 2D materials and related systems.

Part I. Graphene and Graphene Composites
Synthesis, Processing and Characterization
1. Langmuir-Blodgett assembly of soft carbon sheets Jiaxing Huang
2. Reversible tuning of the electronic properties of graphene via controlled exposure to electron beam irradiation and annealing Desalegne Teweldebrahn
3. Self-aligned graphene sheets-polyurethane nanocomposites Jang-Kyo Kim
4. Synthesis of graphene-CNT hybrid nanostructures Maziar Ghazinejad
5. Large-area industrial-scale identification and quality control of graphene Craig Nolen
6. Rapid large-scale characterization of CVD graphene layers on glass using fluorescence quenching microscopy Jennifer Reiber Kyle
Part II. Graphene and Graphene Composites
Properties and Applications
7. Thermal properties of graphene and carbon based materials
prospects of thermal management applications Suchismita Ghosh
8. Experimental demonstration of thermal management of high-power GaN transistors with graphene lateral heat spreaders Zhong Yan
9. Top-gate graphene-on-UNCD transistors with enhanced performance Jie Yu
10. All-carbon composite for photovoltaics Vincent Tung
11. 1/f noise in graphene field-effect transistors
dependence on the device channel area Guanxiong Liu
12. Numerical study of scaling issues in graphene nanoribbon transistors Yuh-Renn Wu
13. Ultracapacitors based on graphene/MWNT composite films Wei Wang
14. Graphene oxide as a two-dimensional surfactant Jiaxing Huang
15. The dynamics of formation of graphene-like fluorinated graphene membranes (fluorographene)
a reactive molecular dynamics study Douglas Galvao
16. DNA gating effect from single layer graphene Cengiz Ozkan
17. Data transmission performance of few-layer graphene ribbons Ali Bilge Guvenc
Part III. Topological Insulators and Quasi-2D Materials
18. Low-frequency noise in 'graphene-like' exfoliated thin films of topological insulators Md. Zahid Hossain
19. 'Pseudo-superlattices' of Bi2Te3 topological insulator films with enhanced thermoelectric performance Vivek Goyal
20. 'Graphene-like' exfoliation of quasi-2D crystals of titanium ditelluride
a new route to charge density wave materials Javed Khan
21. Stable superconducting niobium ultrathin films Cecile Delacour
22. Structural and magnetic properties on F-doped LiVO2 with two-dimensional triangular lattice Yang Li.