Fundamentals of Guided-Wave Optoelectronic Devices

Fundamentals of Guided-Wave Optoelectronic Devices

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William S. C. Chang
Cambridge University Press, 10/1/2009
EAN 9780521868235, ISBN10: 0521868238

Hardcover, 232 pages, 25.3 x 18 x 1.4 cm
Language: English

Optoelectronic guided-wave devices are used in a wide range of optical fiber communication and optoelectronic systems. In such networks, the electrical and the optical characteristics of guided-wave devices, and the interplay between them, have a profound effect on system design and overall performance. Uniquely, this book combines both the optical and electrical behavior of guided-wave optoelectronic devices so that the interwoven properties, including interconnections to external components, are easily understood. It provides the key concepts and analytical techniques that readers can apply to current and future devices. It also presents the impact of material properties on guided-wave devices, and emphasizes the importance of time-dependent interactions between electrical and optical signals. This is an ideal reference for graduate students and researchers in electrical engineering and applied physics departments, as well as practitioners in the optoelectronics industry.

1. The formation and analysis of optical waveguides
2. Guided wave interactions
3. Electrooptical effects
4. Time dependence, bandwidth and electrical circuits
5. Planar waveguide devices
6. Channel waveguide components.