Fundamentals of Machine Design: Volume 1

Fundamentals of Machine Design: Volume 1

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Ajeet Singh
Cambridge University Press, 9/15/2017
EAN 9781316630402, ISBN10: 1316630404

Paperback, 928 pages, 24.4 x 17 x 3.4 cm
Language: English

Providing extensive coverage and comprehensive discussion on the fundamental concepts and processes of machine design, this book begins with detailed discussion of the types of materials, their properties and selection criteria for designing. The text, the first volume of a two volume set, covers different types of stresses including direct stress, bending stress, torsional stress and combined stress in detail. It goes on to explain various types of temporary and permanent joints including pin joint, cotter joint, threaded joint and welded joint. Finally, the book covers the design procedure of keys, cotters, couplings, shafts, levers and springs. Also examined are applications of different types of joints used in boilers, bridges, power presses, automobile springs, crew jack and coupling.

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1. Introduction to machine design
2. Materials, properties, and selection
3. Limits, tolerance, and fits
4. Manufacturing aspects in design
5. Direct simple stresses
6. Bending stresses
7. Torsional stresses
8. Combined stresses
9. Stress concentration
10. Endurance strength
11. Fluctuating stresses
12. Cotter joints
13. Pin joints
14. Riveted joints
15. Welded joints
16. Bolted joints
17. Eccentric loading
18. Power screws
19. Shafts and keys
20. Couplings
21. Levers
22. Helical springs
23. Leaf springs