Fundamentals of Sum-Frequency Spectroscopy (Cambridge Molecular Science)

Fundamentals of Sum-Frequency Spectroscopy (Cambridge Molecular Science)

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Yeun-Ron Shen
Cambridge University Press, 2/18/2016
EAN 9781107098848, ISBN10: 110709884X

Hardcover, 327 pages, 25.3 x 17.8 x 2 cm
Language: English

The first book on the topic, and written by the founder of the technique, this comprehensive resource provides a detailed overview of sum-frequency spectroscopy, its fundamental principles, and the wide range of applications for surfaces, interfaces, and bulk. Beginning with an overview of the historical context, and introductions to the basic theory of nonlinear optics and surface sum-frequency generation, topics covered include discussion of different experimental arrangements adopted by researchers, notes on proper data analysis, an up-to-date survey commenting on the wide range of successful applications of the tool, and a valuable insight into current unsolved problems and potential areas to be explored in the future. With the addition of chapter appendices that offer the opportunity for more in-depth theoretical discussion, this is an essential resource that integrates all aspects of the subject and is ideal for anyone using, or interested in using, sum-frequency spectroscopy.

1. Historical perspective
2. Basics of nonlinear optics
3. Basic theory for surface sum-frequency generation
4. Experimental considerations
5. Characterization of bulk materials
6. Molecular adsorbates at interfaces
7. Structures and properties of solid surfaces
8. Interfacial liquid structures
9. Interfaces of polymers and organic materials
10. Biomolecules and biological interfaces
11. Sum-frequency chiral spectroscopy
12. Miscellaneous topics.