GATS and the Regulation of International Trade in Services: World Trade Forum

GATS and the Regulation of International Trade in Services: World Trade Forum

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Cambridge University Press, 7/10/2008
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Hardcover, 680 pages, 23.4 x 15.5 x 4.2 cm
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This collection of essays takes stock of the key challenges that have arisen since the entry into force of the General Agreement on Trade in Services in the mid-1990s and situates them in the context of the WTO's Doha Development Agenda and the proliferation of preferential agreements addressing services today. The multidisciplinary approach provides an opportunity for many of the world's leading experts and a number of new analytical voices to exchange ideas on the future of services trade and regulation. Cosmopolitan approaches to the treatment of labour mobility, the shape of services trade disciplines in the digital age and pro-competitive regulation in air transport are explored with a view to helping readers gain a better understanding of the forces shaping the changes. An essential read for all those concerned with the evolution of the rules-based trading system and its impact on the service economy.

Part I. Beyond Regulatory Control and Multilateral Flexibility
Gains from a Cosmopolitan GATS
1. Testing Regulatory Autonomy, Disciplining Trade Relief and Regulating Variable Peripheries
Can a Cosmopolitan GATS do it all? Marion Panizzon and Nicole Pohl
Part II. Unexplored Economic, Political and Judicial Dimensions of GATS
2. South-South Services Trade Nora Dihel, Felix Eschenbach and Benjamin Shepherd
3. The Race towards Preferential Trade Agreements in Services
How Much Market Access Is Really Achieved? Martin Roy, Juan Marchetti and Aik Hoe Lim
4. Comment
Is Services Trade Like or Unlike Manufacturing Trade? Marion Jansen
5. Rules of Origin in Services
A Case Study of Five ASEAN Countries Carsten Fink and Deunden Nikomborirak
Part III. The Limits of Request–Offer Negotiations
Plurilateral and Alternative Approaches to Services Liberalization
6. Services Post Hong-Kong – Initial Experiences with Plurilaterals Elisabeth Türk
7. Comment
Negotiating Approaches from a Member's Perspective Claire Kelly
8. Evaluating Alternative Approaches to GATS Negotiations
Sectoral, Formulae and Others Henry Gao
9. Comment
Trade Liberalization under the GATS
An Odyssey? Rudolf Adlung
Part IV. GATS Case Law
A First Assessment
10. Lessons Learned from Litigating GATS Disputes
Mexico – Telecoms Andrew W. Shoyer
11. From Periodicals to Gambling
A Review of Systemic Issues Addressed by WTO Adjudicatory Bodies under the GATS Eric Leroux
12. Specificities of WTO Dispute Settlement in Services Cases William Davey
13. Can Foreign Investors in Services Benefit from WTO Dispute Settlement? Martin Molinuevo
Part V. Market Access, National Treatment and Domestic Regulation
14. Some Thoughts on the Concept of 'Likeness' in the GATS Mireille Cossy
15. Comment
The Unbearable Lightness of Likeness Joost Pauwelyn
16. Towards a Horizontal Necessity Test for Services
Completing the GATS Article VI:4 Mandate Panagiotis Delimatsis
17. Comment
Quis custodiet neccessitatem? Adjudicating Necessity in Multilevel Systems and the Importance of Judicial Dialogue Markus Krajewski
Part VI. Unfinished Business
Safeguard and Subsidy Disciplines for Services
18. Recognition, Standardisation and Harmonisation
Which Rules for GATS in Times of Crisis? Markus Krajewski
19. A Safeguards Regime for Services Fernando Pierola
20. Waiting for Godot
Subsidy Disciplines in Services Trade Pietro Poretti
21. Comment
One Set of Rules for Fair and Unfair Trade in Services
A Possible Merger? Kanitha Kungsawanich
Part VII. Challenges to the Scope of GATS and Cosmopolitan Governance in Services Trade
22. Trade Rules for the Digital Age Sacha Wunsch-Vincent
23. Comment
Digital Trade
Technology versus Legislators Christian Pauletto
24. How Human Rights Violations Nullify and Impair GATS Commitments Marion Panizzon
25. Comment
The Instrumental Rationale for Protecting Human Rights in the Context of Trade Services Reform Simon Walker
26. In Pursuit of the Cosmopolitan Vocation for Trade
GATS and Aviation Services Richard Janda and Mark Glynn
Part VIII. Conclusion
27. Been There, Not Yet Done That
Lessons and Challenges in Services Trade Pierre Sauvé.