Generational Income Mobility in North America and Europe

Generational Income Mobility in North America and Europe

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Edited by Miles Corak
Cambridge University Press, 25/11/2004
EAN 9780521827607, ISBN10: 0521827604

Hardcover, 340 pages, 23 x 15 x 2.8 cm

Labour markets in North America and Europe have changed tremendously in the face of increased globalization and technical progress, raising important challenges for policy makers concerned with equality of opportunity. This book examines the influence of both changes in income inequality and of social policies on the degree to which economic advantage is passed on between parents and children in the rich countries. Standard theoretical models of generational dynamics are extended to examine generational income and earnings mobility over time and across space. Twenty contributors from North America and Europe offer comparable estimates of the degree of mobility, how it has changed through time, and the impact of government policy. In so doing, they extend the analytical tool kit used in the study of generational mobility, and offer insights for not only the conduct of future research but also directions for policies dealing with equality of opportunity and child poverty.