Geofuels: Energy and the Earth

Geofuels: Energy and the Earth

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Alan R. Carroll
Cambridge University Press, 3/5/2015
EAN 9781107401204, ISBN10: 1107401208

Paperback, 369 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 1.7 cm
Language: English

Our energy use and its consequences (including climate change) motivate some of the most contentious and complex public debates of our time. Although these issues are often cast in terms of renewable versus non-renewable energy, in reality both depend on finite Earth resources. The evolution of the Earth itself therefore offers a uniquely illuminating perspective from which to evaluate alternative pathways toward energy and environmental sustainability. Geofuels: Energy and the Earth systematically develops this perspective using informal, nontechnical language laced with humor. It is well suited to a broad readership, ranging from beginning university students to lifelong learners who are interested in how the Earth's past will influence their own future. It also provides simplified explanations of controversial topics, such as energy return on energy investment, peak oil, and fracking. The focus throughout is on building a sound physical understanding of how natural resources constrain our use of energy.

1. Introduction
2. The living Earth
3. Warmed from above
solar energy
4. Wind, water, and waves
energy from the fluid Earth
5. Covered with green
biofuels basics
6. Fossil farming
the geologic underpinnings of biofuels
7. The light of an ancient sun
fossil fuel origins
8. Digging for daylight
coal and oil shale
9. Skimming the cream
conventional oil and gas
10. Stuck in the mud
fossil fuels that fail to flow
11. Petrified petroleum
oil sand and gas hydrate
12. Water, water, everywhere
13. Primordial power
geothermal and nuclear
14. Out of sight, out of mind
geologic waste disposal
15. How long is forever?
energy and time
16. Conclusions.