Geriatric Emergency Medicine: Principles and Practice

Geriatric Emergency Medicine: Principles and Practice

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Cambridge University Press, 1/16/2014
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As the global geriatric population continues to grow, an increasing proportion of people reporting to emergency departments are elderly. The work-up of these patients uses more time and resources than that of younger patients, and is complicated by the fact that acute disease often presents more subtly, without the outward manifestations typically seen in younger patients. This volume focuses on the unique pathophysiology of the elderly, presenting guidelines for resuscitation, evaluation and management. The first section discusses general principles including demographics, pharmacology and pain management. The following sections cover high-risk chief presenting complaints and review geriatric emergencies. Finally, topics of particular relevance in the geriatric population are discussed, including functional assessment, end-of-life care, financial considerations and abuse. This book provides a comprehensive, practical framework for community and academic emergency medicine practitioners, as well as emergency department administrators striving to improve delivery of care to this vulnerable, growing population.

Part I. General Principles
1. Overview of geriatric emergency medicine Jolion McGreevy and Joseph H. Kahn
2. The geriatric emergency department Mark Rosenberg and Lynne Rosenberg
3. General approach to the geriatric patient Suzanne Michelle Rhodes and Arthur B. Sanders
4. Resuscitation of the elderly Aneesh T. Narang and Rishi Sikka
5. Pharmacology in the elderly Michelle Blanda
6. Generalized weakness in the elderly (Mary) Colleen Bhalla
7. Management of trauma in the elderly Deborah R. Wong and Todd C. Rothenhaus
8. Pain management in the elderly Ula Hwang and Timothy Platts-Mills
Part II. Common High-Risk Presentations in the Elderly
9. Chest pain in the elderly Joseph R. Pare and Jeffrey I. Schneider
10. Dyspnea in the elderly Denise Law and Ron Medzon
11. Abdominal pain in the elderly Joseph P. Martinez and Amal Mattu
12. Altered mental status in the elderly Scott T. Wilber and Jin H. Han
13. Syncope in the elderly Teresita M. Hogan and Lindsay Jin
14. Dizziness in the elderly Jonathan A. Edlow and David E. Newman-Toker
15. Headache in the elderly Jolion McGreevy and Kerry K. McCabe
16. Back pain in the elderly Keli M. Kwok
Part III. Systems
17. Eye, ear, nose and throat emergencies in the elderly Kara Iskyan Geren
18. Neurological emergencies in the elderly Lauren M. Nentwich
19. Pulmonary emergencies in the elderly Thomas Perera
20. Cardiovascular emergencies in the elderly Aileen McCabe and Abel Wakai
21. Gastrointestinal emergencies in the elderly Maura Dickinson and Megan M. Leo
22. Genitourinary and gynecologic emergencies in the elderly Marianne Haughey
23. Rheumatologic and orthopedic emergencies in the elderly Peter J. Gruber and Chris Chauhan
24. Infectious diseases in the elderly Robert S. Anderson, Jr and Stephen Y. Liang
25. Hematologic/oncologic emergencies Michael P. Jones
26. Psychiatric emergencies in the elderly Joanna Piechniczek-Buczek
27. Metabolic and endocrine emergencies in the elderly Kristine Samson and Dany Elsayegh
Part IV. Special Topics
28. Alternative geriatric care and quality metrics Mary E. Tanski and Jesse M. Pines
29. Functional assessment of the elderly Kirk A. Stiffler
30. Palliative and end-of-life care in the elderly Paul L. DeSandre and Karen M. May
31. Social services and case management Ravi K. Murthy and Morsal R. Tahouni
32. Falls and fall prevention in the elderly Christopher Carpenter
33. Financial issues in geriatric emergency care Brendan G. Magauran, Jr
34. Elder mistreatment Judith A. Linden and Jonathan S. Olshaker