Global Energy Assessment: Toward a Sustainable Future

Global Energy Assessment: Toward a Sustainable Future

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Global Energy Assessment Writing Team
Cambridge University Press, 8/27/2012
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The Global Energy Assessment (GEA) brings together over 300 international researchers to provide an independent, scientifically based, integrated and policy-relevant analysis of current and emerging energy issues and options. It has been peer-reviewed anonymously by an additional 200 international experts. The GEA assesses the major global challenges for sustainable development and their linkages to energy; the technologies and resources available for providing energy services; future energy systems that address the major challenges; and the policies and other measures that are needed to realize transformational change toward sustainable energy futures. The GEA goes beyond existing studies on energy issues by presenting a comprehensive and integrated analysis of energy challenges, opportunities and strategies, for developing, industrialized and emerging economies. This volume is an invaluable resource for energy specialists and technologists in all sectors (academia, industry and government) as well as policymakers, development economists and practitioners in international organizations and national governments.

Key findings
Summary for policy makers
Technical summary
1. Energy primer
2. Energy, poverty, and development
3. Energy and environment
4. Energy and health
5. Energy and security
6. Energy and economy
7. Energy resources and potentials
8. Energy end-use
9. Energy end-use
10. Energy end-use
11. Renewable energy
12. Fossil energy
13. Carbon capture and storage
14. Nuclear energy
15. Energy supply systems
16. Transitions in energy systems
17. Energy pathways for sustainable development
18. Urban energy systems
19. Energy access for development
20. Land and water
linkages to bioenergy
21. Lifestyles, well-being and energy
22. Policies for energy system transformations
objectives and instruments
23. Policies for energy access
24. Policies for the Energy Technology Innovation System (ETIS)
25. Policies for capacity development
Annex I. Acronyms, abbreviations and chemical symbols
Annex II. Technical guidelines
Annex III. Contributors to the Global Energy Assessment
Annex IV. Reviewers of the Global Energy Assessment