Global Interactions in the Early Modern Age, 1400?1800 (Cambridge Essential Histories)

Global Interactions in the Early Modern Age, 1400?1800 (Cambridge Essential Histories)

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Charles H. Parker
Cambridge University Press, 11/11/2010
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Paperback, 272 pages, 22.6 x 15.2 x 1.8 cm
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Global Interactions in the Early Modern Age is an interdisciplinary introduction to cross-cultural encounters in the early modern age (1400–1800) and their influences on the development of world societies. In the aftermath of Mongol expansion across Eurasia, the unprecedented rise of imperial states in the early modern period set in motion interactions between people from around the world. These included new commercial networks, large-scale migration streams, global biological exchanges, and transfers of knowledge across oceans and continents. These in turn wove together the major regions of the world. In an age of extensive cultural, political, military, and economic contact, a host of individuals, companies, tribes, states, and empires were in competition. Yet they also cooperated with one another, leading ultimately to the integration of global space.

the global integration of space
1. European states and overseas empires
2. Asian states and territorial empires
3. International markets and global exchange networks
4. The movement of peoples and diffusion of cultures
5. The formation of new demographic and ecological structures
6. The transmission of religion and culture
the landscapes of an altered world.