Global Powers: Michael Mann's Anatomy of the Twentieth Century and Beyond

Global Powers: Michael Mann's Anatomy of the Twentieth Century and Beyond

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Ralph Schroeder
Cambridge University Press, 4/21/2016
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Paperback, 344 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 2 cm
Language: English

Michael Mann is a central figure in contemporary sociology. His analysis of how the four sources of social power - ideological, economic, military and political - have shaped world history is a major contribution to social science. In this volume, distinguished scholars assess Mann's work, focusing on his final two volumes of Sources of Social Power, which deal with the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. They tackle some of the major themes in Mann's work including globalisation, American empire and the recent financial crisis. They also question his stance on some perennial topics in sociology: is the trajectory of American society 'exceptional'? How is military power different from the other sources of power? What is the role of agency and ideology in social change? How do the relations between states affect domestic social development? Global Powers will provoke debate among all those interested in understanding the next phase of globalisation.

1. Introduction Ralph Schroeder
Part I. Theory and History
2. The evolution of the sources of social power and some extensions Risto Heiskala
3. The return of big historical sociology Dennis Smith
4. Taming the chief
from evolutionary theory to political ideology Georgi Derluguian, Timothy Earle and Will Reno
Part II. Political, Economic, Military and Ideological Questions
5. On political decency John A. Hall
6. Mann on neoliberalism Monica Prasad
7. Nationalism and military power in the twentieth century and beyond Siniša Malešević
8. History, historical sociology and the problem of ideology
the cases of communism and neoliberalism David Priestland
9. Mann's globalisations and their limits Ralph Schroeder
Part III. American Exceptionalism
10. Ethnicity, class and the social sources of US exceptionalism Liliana Riga
11. Mann's big picture of US social citizenship
'Road to World Empire' with Bob Hope Edwin Amenta
Part IV. Empire
12. Mann and the problem of Empire John Darwin
13. Hegemonic power during the Cold War and beyond Odd Arne Westad
14. The last Empire? American power, liberalism and world order G. John Ikenberry
Part V. Response
15. Response to the critics Michael Mann.