Good Faith in European Contract Law

Good Faith in European Contract Law

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Edited by Reinhard Zimmermann, Simon Whittaker
Cambridge University Press, 08/06/2000
EAN 9780521771900, ISBN10: 0521771900

Hardback, 756 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 4.1 cm

For some Western European legal systems the principle of good faith has proved central to the development of their law of contracts, while in others it has been marginalized or even rejected. This book starts by surveying the use or neglect of good faith in these legal systems and explaining its historical origins. The central part of the book takes thirty situations which would, in some legal systems, attract the application of good faith, analyses them according to fifteen national legal systems and assesses the practical significance of both the principle of good faith and its relationship to other contractual and non-contractual doctrines and forms of regulation in each situation. The book concludes by explaining how European lawyers, whether from a civil or common law background, may need to come to terms with the principle of good faith. This was the first completed project of The Common Core of European Private Law launched at the University of Trento.

Review of the hardback: 'It is impossible within the span of a short review to do full justice to the quantity of information amassed in Good Faith in European Contract Law. The project was well-conceived, the data is well-presented and the analysis, which seems comfortingly agnostic about the merits of general good faith provisions, is balanced and shrewd. This book sets a high standard for future volumes in the 'Common Core' project to emulate as well as providing scholars and teachers of comparative law with a fund of instructive materials.' Roderick Munday, The Cambridge Law Journal