Grammars of Space: Explorations in Cognitive Diversity (Language Culture and Cognition)

Grammars of Space: Explorations in Cognitive Diversity (Language Culture and Cognition)

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David P. Wilkins Edited by Stephen C. Levinson
Cambridge University Press, 9/14/2006
EAN 9780521855839, ISBN10: 0521855837

Hardcover, 640 pages, 23.4 x 15.8 x 4.1 cm
Language: English

Spatial language - that is, the way languages structure the spatial domain – is an important area of research, offering insights into one of the most central areas of human cognition. In this collection, a team of leading scholars review the spatial domain across a wide variety of languages. Contrary to existing assumptions, they show that there is great variation in the way space is conceptually structured across languages, thus substantiating the controversial question of how far the foundations of human cognition are innate. Grammars of Space is a supplement to the psychological information provided in its companion volume, Space in Language and Cognition. It represents a new kind of work in linguistics, 'Semantic Typology', which asks what are the semantic parameters used to structure particular semantic fields. Comprehensive and informative, it will be essential reading for those working on comparative linguistics, spatial cognition, and the interface between them.

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1. The background to the study of the language of space Stephen C. Levinson and David P. Wilkins
2. Towards an Arrernte grammar of space David P. Wilkins
3. Sketch of a Jaminjung grammar of space Eva Schultze-Berndt
4. Prolegomenon to a Warrwa grammar of space William B. McGregor
5. The language of space in Yélî Dnye Stephen C. Levinson
6. Prolegomena to a Kilivila grammar of space Gunter Senft
7. A sketch of the grammar of space in Tzeltal Penelope Brown
8. Spatial reference in Yukatek Maya
a survey Jürgen Bohnemeyer and Christel Stolz
9. Approaching space in Tiriyó grammar Sérgio Meira
10. Elements of the grammar of space in Ewe Felix K. Ameka and James Essegbey
11. Spatial language in Tamil Eric Pederson
12. A grammar of space in Japanese Sotaro Kita
13. Some properties of spatial description in Dutch Miriam van Staden, Melissa Bowerman and Mariet Verhelst
14. Patterns in the data
towards a semantic typology of spatial description Stephen C. Levinson and David P. Wilkins
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