Groups St Andrews 2001 in Oxford: v. 2 (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)

Groups St Andrews 2001 in Oxford: v. 2 (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)

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Cambridge University Press, 11/6/2003
EAN 9780521537407, ISBN10: 0521537401

Paperback, 318 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2 cm
Language: English

This second volume of the two-volume book contains selected papers from the international conference 'Groups St Andrews 2001 in Oxford' which was held at the University of Oxford in August 2001. Five main lecture courses were given at the conference, and articles based on their lectures form a substantial part of the Proceedings. This volume contains the contributions from Peter Palfy (Eotvos Lorand, Budapest) and Michael Vaughan-Lee (Oxford). The series of Proceedings of Groups St Andrews conferences have provided snapshots of the state of research in Group Theory throughout the past twenty years. As with earlier volumes, these refereed volumes also contain accessible surveys of contemporary research fronts, as well as a diverse collection of short research articles. They form a valuable reference for researchers, especially graduate students, working in group theory.

27. Gracefulness, group sequencings and graph factorizations G. Kaplan, A. Lev and Y. Roditty
28. Orbits in finite group actions T. M. Keller
29. Groups with finitely generated integral homologies D. H. Kochloukova
30. Invariants of discrete groups, Lie algebras and pro-p groups D. H. Kochloukova
31. Groups with all non-subnormal subgroups of finite rank L. A. Kurdachenko and P. Soules
32. On some infinite dimensional linear groups L. A. Kurdachenko and I. Y. Subbotin
33. Groups and semisymmetric graphs S. Lipschutz and Ming-Yao Xu
34. On the covers of finite groups M. S. Lucido
35. Groupland O. Macedonska
36. On maximal nilpotent pi-subgroups J Medina
37. Characters of p-groups and Sylow p-subgroups A. Moretó
38. On the relation between group theory and loop theory M. Niemenmaa
39. Groups and lattices P. P. Pálfy
40. Finite generalized tetrahedron groups with a cubic relator G. Rosenberger, M. Scheer and R. M. Thomas
41. Character degrees of the Sylow p-subgroups of classical groups J. Sangroni
42. Character correspondences and perfect isometries L. Sanus
43. The characters of finite projective symplectic group PSp(4
q) M. A. Shahabi and H. Mohtadifar
44. Exponent of finite groups with automorphisms P. Shumyatsky
45. Classifying irreducible representations in characteristic zero A. Turull
46. Lie methods in group theory M. R. Vaughan-Lee
47. Chevalley groups of type G2 as automorphism groups of loops P. Vojtechovsky.