Groups St Andrews 2013: 422 (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, Series Number 422)

Groups St Andrews 2013: 422 (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, Series Number 422)

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C. M. Campbell
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Illustrated, 10/22/2015
EAN 9781107514546, ISBN10: 1107514541

Paperback, 502 pages, 22.9 x 15.2 x 2.8 cm
Language: English

Every four years, leading researchers gather to survey the latest developments in all aspects of group theory. Since 1981, the proceedings of those meetings have provided a regular snapshot of the state of the art in group theory and helped to shape the direction of research in the field. This volume contains selected papers from the 2013 meeting held in St Andrews. It begins with major articles from each of the four main speakers: Emmanuel Breuillard (Paris-Sud), Martin Liebeck (Imperial College London), Alan Reid (Texas) and Karen Vogtmann (Cornell). These are followed by, in alphabetical order, survey articles contributed by other conference participants, which cover a wide spectrum of modern group theory.

Introduction C. M. Campbell and E. F. Robertson
1. Approximate subgroups and super-strong approximation Emmanuel Breuillard
2. Width questions for finite simple groups Martin W. Liebeck
3. Profinite properties of discrete groups Alan W. Reid
4. GL(n,Z), Out(Fn) and everything in between
automorphism groups of RAAGs Karen Vogtmann
5. Permutation groups and transformation semigroups
results and problems João Araújo and Peter J. Cameron
6. New progress on factorized groups and subgroup permutability Milagros Arroyo-Jordá, Paz Arroyo-Jordá, Ana Martínez-Pastor and M. Dolores Pérez-Ramos
7. A survey on the normalizer problem for integral group rings Andreas Bächle
8. A survey on Clifford–Fischer Theory Ayoub B. M. Basheer and Jamshid Moori
9. A generalisation on the solvability of finite groups with three class sizes for normal subgroups Antonio Beltrán and María José Felipe
10. Automorphism groups of non-orientable Riemann surfaces E. Bujalance, F. J. Cirre, J. J. Etayo, G. Gromadzki and E. Martínez
11. What are the C2-groups? Inna Capdeboscq and Christopher Parker
12. Resurrecting Wells' exact sequence and Buckley's group action Jill Dietz
13. Recent work on Beauville surfaces, structures and groups Ben Fairbairn
14. Something for nothing
some consequences of the solution of the Tarski problems Benjamin Fine, Anthony Gaglione, Gerhard Rosenberger and Dennis Spellman
15. The groups of projectivities in finite planes Theo Grundhöfer
16. On the relation gap and relation lifting problem Jens Harlander
17. Some results on products of finite subsets in groups Marcel Herzog, Patrizia Longobardi and Mercede Maj
18. Formal languages and group theory Sam A. M. Jones and Richard M. Thomas
19. On the Castelnuovo–Mumford regularity of the cohomology of fusion systems and of the Hochschild cohomology of block algebras Radha Kessar and Markus Linckelmann
20. Recent advances on torsion subgroups of integral group rings Wolfgang Kimmerle and Alexander Konovalov
21. On finite groups with small prime spectrum Anatoly S. Kondratiev and Igor V. Khramtsov
22. Solvability criteria for finite loops and groups Emma Leppälä
23. The rational subset membership problem for groups
a survey Markus Lohrey
24. A survey of Milnor laws Olga Macedońska
25. Capable p-groups Arturo Magidin and Robert Fitzgerald Morse
26. On the normal structure of a finite group with restrictions on the maximal subgroups N. V. Maslova and D. O. Revin
27. Certain monomial characters and their normal constituents Gabriel Navarro and Carolina Vallejo
28. Recognition of finite quasi-simple groups by the degrees of their irreducible representations Hung Ngoc Nguyen and Hung P. Tong-Viet
29. Generalized Baumslag–Solitar groups
a survey of recent progress Derek J. S. Robinson
30. Zeta functions of groups and rings – recent developments Christopher Voll.