Half a Century of Pythagoras Magazine (Spectrum)

Half a Century of Pythagoras Magazine (Spectrum)

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The Mathematical Association of America, 2/4/2016
EAN 9780883855874, ISBN10: 0883855879

Paperback, 317 pages, 23 x 15.4 x 1.7 cm
Language: English

Founded in 1961 and still thriving today, the recreational magazine Pythagoras has given generations of high school students in the Netherlands a perspective on many branches of mathematics that are not taught in schools. This book is a selection of the best and most inspiring articles from Pythagoras magazine. It contains a mix of problems - some easy, some challenging, always original - as well as playful introductions to subjects in algebra, geometry, topology, number theory, and more. Concepts like sudoku and the magic square are given a whole new dimension. Articles on Escher's 'impossible objects', a recurring subject over the years, are part of a special section on mathematics and art. Smart high school students and anyone else with a sharp and inquisitive mind will find in this book a treasure trove rich enough to keep one's mind engaged for many weeks and months.

1. Brainteasers
2. Puzzles, games and strategies
3. Mathematics and art
4. Geometry
5. Numbers
6. Dionigmas