Handbook of Optical Components and Engineering

Handbook of Optical Components and Engineering

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Wiley–Blackwell, 10/30/2003
EAN 9780471390558, ISBN10: 0471390550

Hardcover, 1400 pages, 26 x 19 x 5.7 cm
Language: English
Originally published in English

The most comprehensive treatment to appear in book form. Covers all important components in optical technology. Provides a wealth of essential principles, methods, design information and references for today's complex and rapidly changing field of optical engineering. The handbook editor is a well-known researcher, author, journal and book editor. Contributors are all leading researchers and practitioners.

Preface.Contributors.1. Optical Wave Propagation (A. Chan).2. Infrared Techniques (A. Jha & P. Kupferman).3. Optical Lenses (J. Rogers).4. Optical Resonators (K. Iga).5. Spatial Filters and Fourier Optics (F. Yu).6. Semiconductor Lasers (J. Yang & B. Liang).7. Solid-State Lasers (J. McMahon).8. Liquid Lasers (B. Wilhelmi, et al.).9. Gas Lasers (T. Lehecka, et al.).10. Optical Fiber Transmission Technology (C. Lin).11. Optical Channel Waveguides and Waveguide Couplers (T. Findakly).12. Planar Waveguide and Waveguide and Applications (S. Yao).13. Optical Attenuatiors, Isolators, Circulators, and Polarizers (F. Zhou & J. Pan).14. Optical Filters for Telecommunication Applications (C. Madsen).15. Wavelength Division Multiplexers and Demultiplexers (J. Capmany & S. Sales).16. Wide-Bandwidth Optical Intensity Modulators (G. Li & P. Yu).17. Optical Modulation: Acousto-Optical Devices (C. Tsai).18. Optical Modulation: Magneto-Optical Devices (A. Craig).19. Optical Detectors (P. Yu & H. Law).20. Acousto-Optical Modulators and Switches (S. Yao).21. Optical Amplifiers (C. Su).Index.