Handbk Phycologicl Meth Cytological: Developmental and Cytological Methods

Handbk Phycologicl Meth Cytological: Developmental and Cytological Methods

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Elisabeth Gantt
Cambridge University Press, 8/21/2008
EAN 9780521056632, ISBN10: 0521056632

Paperback, 440 pages, 23.4 x 15.6 x 2.5 cm
Language: English

The contributors include some of the most eminent specialists in the field of phycology. This volume focuses on cytological and developmental methods, each method already has been applied successfully to algae, and practical examples are given.

Editor's preface
Part I. Experimental Algal Systems and Techniques
1. Control of morphogenesis in Micrasterias Oswald Kiermayer
2. Control of development in Scenedesmus Francis R. Trainor
3. Mating induction in Oedogonium Gerry J. C. Hill
4. Gamete induction and flagellar adhesion in Chlamydomonas reinhardi William J. Snell
5. Acetabularia
techniques for study of nucleo-cytoplasmic interrelationships Sigrid Berger and Hans-Georg Schweiger
6. Gamete release, fertilization, and embryogenesis in the Fucales Ralph S. Quatrano
7. Hybridization and genetics of brown algae Alan R. Polanshek and John A. West
9. Development in red algae
elongation and cell fusion Susan D. Waaland
10. Production and selection of mutants in blue-green algae Catherine L. R. Stevens and S. Edwards Stevens, Jr.
11. Euglena
mutations, chloroplast 'bleaching', and differentiation Harvard Lyman and Karen Traverse
12. Crpthecodinium
sexual reproduction and mutagenesis Robert C. Tuttle
13. Protoplast and spheroplast production Marina Adamich and Barbara B. Hemmingsen
14. Cytoplasts from coenocyic algal cells Yolande Kersey
15. Cytoplasmic streaming and membrane phenomena in cells of Characeae Masashi Tazawa
16. Microbeam irradiation in Mougeotia Wolfgang Haupt
17. Phototropism
determination of an action spectrum in a tip-growing cell Hironao Kataoka
18. Chromatic adaption in Fremyella diplosiphon and morphogenetic changes John F. Haury
19. How to detect the presence of a circadian rhythm Beatrice M. Sweeney
Part II. Light and Electron Microscopy
Preparative Methods
20. Photomicrography and special microscopic techniques J. Robert Waaland
21. Polarized light, interference, and differential interference (Nomarski) optics Paul B. Green
22. Preparation of algae for light microscopy Margaret E. McCully, Lynda J. Goff and Patricia C. Adshead
23. Fixation, embedding, sectioning, and staining of algae for electron microscopy Bernhard E. F. Reimann, Eleanor L. Duke and Gary L. Floyd
24. Cytochemical localization Richard N. Trelease
25. Quantitative cytochemical measurement of DNA in Eudorina (Chlorophyceae) C. Lindley Kemp and K. K. Nair
26. Autoradiography for light and electron microscopy Ruth E. Schmitter
27. Immunochemistry
labeled antibodies Esther L. McCandless, Elizabeth Gordon-Mills and Valerie Vreeland
28. Freeze-fracture and freeze-etch techniques L. Andrew Staehelin
29. Preparation of algae for scanning electron microscopy Jeremy D. Pickett-Heaps
30. Replica production and negative staining Elisabeth Gantt
31. Preparation of shadow-cast whole mounts Øjvind Moestrup and Helge A. Thonsen
32. Stereology
quantitative electron microscopic analysis Wayne R. Fagerberg
Part III. Appendixes
33. Culture collections
34. List of suppliers
Part IV. Indexes
35. Subject
36. Author
37. Taxonomic.