Health and Education in Early Childhood

Health and Education in Early Childhood

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Judy A. Temple Edited by Arthur J. Reynolds
Cambridge University Press, 2/19/2015
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Health and Education in Early Childhood presents conceptual issues, research findings, and program and policy implications in promoting well-being in health and education in the first five years of life. Leading researchers in the multidisciplinary fields of early learning and human capital formation explore the themes of the integration of health and education in promoting young children's well-being; the timing of influences on child development; and the focus on multiple levels of strategies to promote healthy early development. Through this, a unique framework is provided to better understand how early childhood health and education predictors and interventions contribute to well-being at individual, family, community and societal levels, and to policy development. Key topics addressed in the chapters include nutritional status, parenting, cognitive development and school readiness, conduct problems and antisocial behavior, obesity, and well-being in later childhood and adulthood.

health, education, and early childhood development Narayana Kocherlakota
Introduction and overview
1. Early childhood health and education
policies and interventions to promote child well-being Arthur J. Reynolds, Arthur J. Rolnick and Judy A. Temple
Part I. Effects of Health Disparities on Child Development and Throughout the Life Course
2. Health is more than health care Paula A. Braveman, Susan Egerter and Robin E. Mockenhaupt
3. Early childhood poverty and adult productivity and health Greg J. Duncan, Ariel Kalil and Kathleen M. Ziol-Guest
4. Impact of maternal/child nutrition on cognitive development
prevention implications Michael K. Georgieff
5. Dental health in at-risk children Sharon Rolnick
Part II. Effects of Health Interventions on Child Development and Throughout the Life Course
6. Early childhood health promotion and its life course health consequences Sai Ma, Kevin D. Frick, Alyssa Crawford and Bernard Guyer
7. Center-based preschool programs
systematic review of child and adult health outcomes Katina D'Onise, Robyn A. McDermott and John W. Lynch
8. The Head Start REDI Project and school readiness Karen L. Bierman, Robert L. Nix, Celene E. Domitrovich, Janet A. Welsh and Scott D. Gest
9. Early Head Start
mental health, parenting, and impacts on children Catherine C. Ayoub, Jessica Dym Bartlett, Rachel Chazen-Cohen and Helen Raikes
10. Health outcomes of the Abecedarian, Child-Parent Center, and HighScope Perry Preschool programs Michelle M. Englund, Barry White, Arthur J. Reynolds, Lawrence J. Schweinhart and Frances A. Campbell
11. Preschool instructional approach and adult well-being Momoko Hayakawa and Arthur J. Reynolds
Part III. Effects of Health and Education Policy on Child Development
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and health outcomes Samuel A. Kleiner
12. The ABCs of children's health
potential impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Jean Marie Abraham, Pinar Karaca-Mandic and Sung J. Choi Yoo
13. Child health and school readiness
the significance of health literacy Laurie T. Martin and Peggy Chen
14. Promoting healthy weight development in child care centers
a review of the NAP SACC program Dianne S. Ward and Temitope O. Erinosho
Call to action. Human capital
challenges and opportunity Robert H. Bruininks with Amy Susman-Stillman and Jim Thorp.