Heart Disease and Pregnancy

Heart Disease and Pregnancy

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Cambridge University Press
Edition: 2, 3/17/2016
EAN 9781107095946, ISBN10: 1107095948

Hardcover, 270 pages, 24.6 x 18.9 x 1.6 cm
Language: English

This comprehensive and authoritative text on heart disease in pregnancy - one of the leading causes of maternal death - will be of value to a wide audience of obstetricians, cardiologists, anaesthetists, midwives, and cardiac nurses. It provides consensus guidelines of great practical value in a compact and convenient format. Written by a multidisciplinary team, it covers both maternity and cardiac care. Contents range from pre-conception counselling and contraception, through practical templates for antenatal and intrapartum care, to long-term outcome for both mother and baby. It covers all causes of heart disease, both congenital and acquired. Thoroughly updated, this new edition has reorganised the consensus statements about priorities in management. In addition, each chapter now starts with a summary of 'Practical Practice Points' to aid quick revision when seeing a patient with a specific problem. A new section on heart and lung transplantation has been added since the first edition.

Consensus statements
1. Preconception counselling for women with cardiac disease Sarah Vause, Sara Thorne and Bernard Clarke
2. Contraception in women with heart disease Mandish K. Dhanjal
3. Cardiovascular changes in normal pregnancy Mark Johnson and Katherine von Klemperer
4. Antenatal care of women with cardiac disease
an obstetric perspective Matthew Cauldwell, Martin Lupton and Roshni R. Patel
5. Antenatal care of women with cardiac disease
a cardiac perspective Fiona Walker
6. Cardiac monitoring during pregnancy Henryk Kafka, Sonya V. Babu-Narayan and Wei Li
7. Cardiac drugs in pregnancy Asma Khalil, Gerhard-Paul Diller and Patrick O'Brien
8. Surgical and catheter intervention during pregnancy in women with heart disease Henryk Kafka, Hideki Uemura and Anselm Uebing
9. Antenatal diagnosis of congenital heart disease Victoria Jowett and Julene S. Carvalho
10. Fetal care and surveillance in women with congenital heart disease Christina K. H. Yu and Tiong Ghee Teoh
11. Management of women with prosthetic heart valves during pregnancy Carole A. Warnes
12. Management of aortopathies, including Marfan syndrome and coarctation, in pregnancy Lorna Swan
13. Management of mitral and aortic stenosis in pregnancy Sara Thorne
14. Management of right heart lesions in pregnancy Annette Schophuus Jensen, Lars Søndergaard and Anselm Uebing
15. Management of pulmonary hypertension in pregnancy David G. Kiely, Charlie A. Elliot, Victoria J. Wilson, Saurabh V. Gandhi and Robin Condliffe
16. Management of cardiomyopathies in pregnancy Catherine Nelson-Piercy and Catherine Head
17. Management of ischemic heart disease in pregnancy Jolien W. Roos-Hesselink and Iris M. van Hagen
18. Management of maternal cardiac arrhythmias in pregnancy Koichiro Niwa and Chizuko Kamiya
19. Management of maternal endocarditis in pregnancy Stephanie L. Curtis and Graham Stuart
20. Management of women with heart and lung transplantation in pregnancy Coralie Blanche and Maurice Beghetti
21. Pregnancy and cardiac disease - peripartum aspects David Alexander, Kate Langford and Martin Dresner
22. Management of the puerperium in women with heart disease Margaret Ramsay
23. Impact of pregnancy on long-term outcomes in women with heart disease Henryk Kafka and Natali A. Chung
24. Long-term outcome of pregnancy with heart disease Carole A. Warnes