Heliophysics: Active Stars, their Astrospheres, and Impacts on Planetary Environments

Heliophysics: Active Stars, their Astrospheres, and Impacts on Planetary Environments

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Cambridge University Press, 3/17/2016
EAN 9781107090477, ISBN10: 1107090474

Hardcover, 406 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 2.1 cm
Language: English

Heliophysics is a fast-developing scientific discipline that integrates studies of the Sun's variability, the surrounding heliosphere, and the environment and climate of planets. This volume, the fourth in the Heliophysics collection, explores what makes the conditions on Earth 'just right' to sustain life, by comparing Earth to other solar system planets, by comparing solar magnetic activity to that of other stars, and by looking at the properties of evolving exoplanet systems. By taking an interdisciplinary approach and using comparative heliophysics, the authors illustrate how we can learn about our local cosmos by looking beyond it, and in doing so, also enable the converse. Supplementary online resources are provided, including lecture presentations, problem sets and exercise labs, making this ideal as a textbook for advanced undergraduate- and graduate-level courses, as well as a foundational reference for researchers in the many subdisciplines of helio- and astrophysics.

1. Introduction Carolus J. Schrijver, Frances Bagenal and Jan J. Sojka
2. Solar explosive activity throughout the evolution of the Solar System Rachel Osten
3. Astrospheres, stellar winds, and the interstellar medium Brian Wood and Jeffrey L. Linsky
4. Effects of stellar eruptions throughout astrospheres Ofer Cohen
5. Characteristics of planetary systems Debra Fischer and Ji Wang
6. Planetary dynamos
updates and new frontiers Sabine Stanley
7. Climates of terrestrial planets David Brain
8. Upper atmospheres of the giant planets Luke Moore, Tom Stallard and Marina Garland
9. Aeronomy of terrestrial upper atmospheres David E. Siskind and Stephen W. Bougher
10. Moons, asteroids, and comets interacting with their surroundings Margaret G. Kivelson
11. Dusty plasmas Mihály Horányi
12. Energetic-particle environments in the Solar System Norbert Krupp
13. Heliophysics with radio scintillation and occultation Mario M. Bisi
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