High Energy Astrophysics

High Energy Astrophysics

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Malcolm S. Longair
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 3rd edition, 2/3/2011
EAN 9780521756181, ISBN10: 0521756189

Hardcover, 888 pages, 24.7 x 17.4 x 4 cm
Language: English

Providing students with an in-depth account of the astrophysics of high energy phenomena in the Universe, the third edition of this well-established textbook is ideal for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate courses in high energy astrophysics. Building on the concepts and techniques taught in standard undergraduate courses, this textbook provides the astronomical and astrophysical background for students to explore more advanced topics. Special emphasis is given to the underlying physical principles of high energy astrophysics, helping students understand the essential physics. The third edition has been completely rewritten, consolidating the previous editions into one volume. It covers the most recent discoveries in areas such as gamma-ray bursts, ultra-high energy cosmic rays and ultra-high energy gamma rays. The topics have been rearranged and streamlined to make them more applicable to a wide range of different astrophysical problems.

Part I. Astronomical Background
1. High energy astrophysics - an introduction
2. The stars and stellar evolution
3. The galaxies
4. Clusters of galaxies
Part II. Physical Processes
5. Ionisation losses
6. Radiation of accelerated charged particles and bremsstrahlung of electrons
7. The dynamics of charged particles in magnetic fields
8. Synchrotron radiation
9. Interactions of high energy photons
10. Nuclear interactions
11. Aspects of plasma physics and magnetohydrodynamics
Part III. High Energy Astrophysics in our Galaxy
12. Interstellar gas and magnetic fields
13. Dead stars
14. Accretion power in astrophysics
15. Cosmic rays
16. The origin of cosmic rays in our galaxy
17. The acceleration of high energy particles
Part IV. Extragalactic High Energy Astrophysics
18. Active galaxies
19. Black holes in the nuclei of galaxies
20. The vicinity of the black hole
21. Extragalactic radio sources
22. Compact extragalactic sources and superluminal motions
23. Cosmological aspects of high energy astrophysics

'The third edition of Malcolm Longair's High Energy Astrophysics is a remarkable gem. It is written in the clear, lucid style that characterizes Professor Longair's monographs and displays an admirable balance between breadth and depth. It is remarkably up to date and covers both high-energy phenomenology and physical processes with authority. It would serve equally well as a textbook for a graduate-level course or a reference work for the practising astrophysicist: a nicely written and sophisticated appendix on basic astronomy will make it equally useful for readers trained as physicists.' Bradley M. Peterson, Professor and Chair of Astronomy, Ohio State University