History and Systems of Psychology

History and Systems of Psychology

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James F. Brennan, Keith A. Houde
Cambridge University Press
Edition: 7, 10/26/2017
EAN 9781316630990, ISBN10: 1316630994

Paperback, 468 pages, 24.6 x 17.4 x 2.2 cm
Language: English

History and Systems of Psychology provides an engaging introduction to the rich story of psychology's past. Retaining the clarity and accessibility praised by readers of earlier editions, this classic textbook provides a chronological history of psychology from the pre-Socratic Greeks to contemporary systems, research, and applications. The new edition also features expanded coverage of Eastern as well as Western traditions, influential women in psychology, professional psychology in clinical, educational, and social settings, and new directions in twenty-first century psychology as a cognitive and a positive science. Assuming little prerequisite knowledge, the authors discuss the people, places, and concepts that have shaped psychology's story, and show that we remain fascinated by the same enduring questions that confronted our ancestors - namely, our wonder at our subjectivity and consciousness of self. The seventh edition is fully supported by robust pedagogical features, instructor resources, and a companion website to aid student learning.

1. Past for present
psychology in search of a paradigm
2. Psychology in the ancient and classical east
3. Psychological foundations in ancient Greece
4. From classical Rome to the early middle ages
5. The reawakening of intellectual life in the Middle Ages
6. The Renaissance
7. The emergence of modern science
8. Sensationalism and positivism
the French tradition
9. Mental passivity
the British tradition
10. Mental activity
the German tradition
11. Romanticism and existentialism in the nineteenth century
12. Nineteenth century bases of psychology
13. The founding of modern psychology
14. American functionalism
15. The Gestalt movement
16. Psychoanalysis
17. Behaviorism
18. The third force movement
19. Cognitive psychology
20. Contemporary psychology
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