Hobbes Today: Insights for the 21st Century

Hobbes Today: Insights for the 21st Century

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Cambridge University Press, 2012-12-17
EAN 9781107000599, ISBN10: 1107000599

Hardcover, 353 pages, 22.8 x 15.2 x 2.5 cm

Hobbes Today: Insights for the 21st Century brings together an impressive group of political philosophers, legal theorists and political scientists to investigate the many ways in which the work of Thomas Hobbes, the famed seventeenth-century English philosopher, can illuminate the political and social problems we face today. Its essays demonstrate the contemporary relevance of Hobbes's political thought on such issues as justice, human rights, public reason, international warfare, punishment, fiscal policy and the design of positive law, among others. The volume's contributors include both Hobbes specialists and philosophers bringing their expertise to consideration of Hobbes's texts for the first time. This volume will stimulate renewed interest in Hobbes studies among a new generation of thinkers.