How to Succeed as a Scientist: From Postdoc to Professor

How to Succeed as a Scientist: From Postdoc to Professor

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Barbara J. Gabrys
Cambridge University Press, 2011-11-03
EAN 9780521186834, ISBN10: 0521186838

Hardcover, 226 pages, 24.7 x 24.7 x 17.4 cm

'This handbook should be useful to many of those students who are not clear which path to follow, or if they have made a choice, what practical steps they can take to improve their chances of success. The book is designed as a concise and easy-to-use reference, covering all the main aspects of developing and maintaining an academic career. The book is exceptionally well organized … the writing is clear and to the point, making frequent use of checklists for later reference. In summary, this is an excellent book which should be useful to its target audience.' William R. Green, The Leading Edge

'The authors explicitly target early-career scientists, although I think this book is of use to a wider academic audience … I found the chapters of Part I to be a useful reminder and the clear treatment of complex personal interactions of Part II to be particularly enlightening. At the other end of the career spectrum, this guide will be an excellent aid to academic advisors, especially those willing to organize workshops for early-career scientists.' Spencer Koury, The Quarterly Review of Biology