Human Evolution beyond Biology and Culture: Evolutionary Social, Environmental and Policy Sciences

Human Evolution beyond Biology and Culture: Evolutionary Social, Environmental and Policy Sciences

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Jeroen C. J. M. van den Bergh
Cambridge University Press, 10/18/2018
EAN 9781108470971, ISBN10: 1108470971

Hardcover, 564 pages, 25.1 x 18 x 2.8 cm
Language: English
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Both natural and cultural selection played an important role in shaping human evolution. Since cultural change can itself be regarded as evolutionary, a process of gene-culture coevolution is operative. The study of human evolution - in past, present and future - is therefore not restricted to biology. An inclusive comprehension of human evolution relies on integrating insights about cultural, economic and technological evolution with relevant elements of evolutionary biology. In addition, proximate causes and effects of cultures need to be added to the picture - issues which are at the forefront of social sciences like anthropology, economics, geography and innovation studies. This book highlights discussions on the many topics to which such generalised evolutionary thought has been applied: the arts, the brain, climate change, cooking, criminality, environmental problems, futurism, gender issues, group processes, humour, industrial dynamics, institutions, languages, medicine, music, psychology, public policy, religion, sex, sociality and sports.

Part I. Prevue
1. Making the improbable probable
2. The world according to evolution
Part II. Evolutionary Biology
3. Pre-Darwinism, Darwinism and neo-Darwinism
4. Advanced ideas in evolutionary biology and genetics
Part III. Bridging Natural and Social Sciences
5. Evolution of social behaviour in animals and humans
6. Group selection in biology and the social sciences
Part IV. Evolutionary Social Sciences
7. Evolutionary theories of human culture
8. Evolutionary economics
9. Evolution of organisations and institutions
10. Technological evolution
Part V. Evolutionary Cultural History
11. Pre-history until the rise of agriculture
12. Industrialisation and technological history
Part VI. Evolutionary Environmental and Policy Sciences
13. Survival of the greenest
14. Evolving solutions for climate change
15. Evolutionary policy and politics
16. Evolutionary futures.