Hyperthermic and Hypermetabolic Disorders: Exertional Heat-Stroke, Malignant Hyperthermia and Related Syndromes

Hyperthermic and Hypermetabolic Disorders: Exertional Heat-Stroke, Malignant Hyperthermia and Related Syndromes

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Philip M. Hopkins
Cambridge University Press
Edition: Reissue, 6/9/2011
EAN 9780521281829, ISBN10: 0521281822

Paperback, 300 pages, 24.4 x 17 x 1.5 cm
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This authoritative and comprehensive 1996 publication looks in depth at a range of medical syndromes characterised by serious and unpredicted internal overheating of the body. These episodes may arise suddenly and unexpectedly in certain individuals, with life-threatening consequences, either as a result of heat stress, exceptional physical exertion or in response to certain common anaesthetics and some drugs, including ecstasy. The chapters focus on the full range of these syndromes, their metabolic and physiological basis, the important pre-disposing factors for the prediction of those at risk, and the medical management of these conditions. The volume includes important contributions from authors of international repute and incorporates a wealth of information from the Leeds malignant hyperthermia investigation unit. This compilation will be of interest to those wanting to understand these disorders.

Part I. Exertional Heatstroke
1. History and epidemiology
definitions and groups at risk J. G. Dickinson
2. Predisposing factors, clinical features, treatment and prevention J. G. Dickinson
3. Pathophysiology of heatstroke J. P. Knochel
4. Investigation of heat stroke victims 1
the human physiology laboratory C. G. Batty and W. A. Freeland
5. Investigation of heat stroke victims 2
nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy J.-F. Payen and P. Stieglitz
6. Investigation of exertional heat stroke 3
in vitro skeletal muscle contracture testing P. M. Hopkins, P. J. Halsall and F. R. Ellis
7. Future research in exertional heat stroke P. M. Hopkins
Part II. Malignant Hyperthermia
8. The clinical presentation of malignant hyperthermia P. J. Halsall
9. Malignant hyperthermia
clinical management G. A. Gronert and J. F. Antognini
10. Pathophysiology of malignant hyperthermia J. E. Fletcher and H. Rosenberg
11. Screening for malignant hyperthermia susceptibility P. J. Halsall
12. Skeletal muscle morphology P. Harnden
13. The genetics of malignant hyperthermia Sarah P. West
14. Porcine stress syndrome J. Dinsmore and G. M. Hall
Part III. Other Hypermetabolic Syndromes
15. Neuroleptic malignant syndrome P. J. Adnet, H. Reyford and R. M. Krivosic-Horger
16. Hyperthermic and hypermetabolic disorders J. A. Henry
17. Hypermetabolism in endocrine disorders P. Belchetz