Immunological and Infectious Diseases of the Peripheral Nerves

Immunological and Infectious Diseases of the Peripheral Nerves

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Cambridge University Press, 4/14/2011
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This 1998 book was the first to be dedicated to peripheral neuropathies of immune or infectious origin, which are now known to comprise a substantial proportion of disorders of the peripheral nerves. Many of the most important advances in the field were made by contributors to this volume. There are four sections, dealing with biology and epidemiology, patient evaluation, specific clinical syndromes known to be of infectious or immunologic origin, and therapy and management, including rehabilitation. Neurologists will welcome this comprehensive review of the field at the time of publication, which provides an overview of the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of infectious and immune mediated neuropathies. It is directly relevant to the everyday management of patients, and will also meet the needs of the basic immunological researcher seeking a general overview.

The way things were
the discovery of experimental 'allergic' neuritis B. Waksman
Part I. Biology and Epidemiology
1. Immune interactions in the peripheral nervous system C. L. Koski
2. Epidemiology of autoimmune polyneuropathies J. J. Kelly
Part II. Patient Evaluation
3. Clinical evaluation and differential diagnosis J. H. J. Wokke, and N. C. Notermans
4. Electrophysiological studies H. Franssen
5. Immunopathological studies in immune-mediated neuropathies M. Corbo, and A. P. Hays
Part III. Clinical Syndromes
6. Guillain-Barré syndrome and variants F. G. A. Van der Meché
7. Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy M. Vermeulen
8. Acute and chronic sensory neuronopathy G. Sobue
9. Acute and chronic autonomic neuropathies G. A. Suarez, and P. A. Low
10. Vasculitic neuropathies G. Said
11. Neuropathies associated with anti-MAG antibodies and IgM monoclonal gammopathies E. Nobile-Orazio
12. Motor neuropathies associated with anti-GM1 ganglioside antibodies T. Kuntzer, and A. J. Steck
13. Neuropathies associated with anti-sulfatide and other glycoconjugate antibodies L. H. van der Berg
14. Paraneoplastic peripheral neuropathy P. Sillevis Smitt, and Jerome Posner
15. Polyneuropathies associated with myeloma, POEMS, and non-malignant IgG and IgA monoclonal gammopathies J. J. Kelly
16. Neuromyotonia and the Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome J. Newsom-Davis
17. The Post-Polio syndrome M. Dalakas
18. Peripheral neuropathy in HIV-1 infection T. H. Brannagan, T. McAlarney, and N. Latov
19. Lyme neuropathy P. Coyle, and M. Kaufman
20. Neuropathy in leprosy F. G. I. Jennekens, and W. H. van Brakel
21. Neuropathies associated with herpes virus infections Israel Steiner, and Dana Wolf
22. Toxin-induced immune neuropathies N. L. Rosenberg
23. Immune-mediated experimental neuropathies J. D. Pollard
Part IV. Therapy and Management
24. Immunosuppression and immunomodulation A. Brand
25. Management of paralytic neuropathy in the intensive care unit C. F. Bolton
26. Diagnosis and symptomatic therapy of nerve pain Ch. J. Vecht, and P. L. I. Dellemijn
27. Medical rehabilitation G. Van Dijk, N. C. Notermans, and J. Gerritsen.

Review of the hardback: 'To the best of my knowledge Immunological and Infectious Diseases of the Peripheral Nerves is by far the best current single source on the subject ... With its convenient size and reasonable price, I certainly recommend it to neurologists, clinicians in other specialities, neuropathologists and researchers.' Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine