Implementing Negotiated Agreements: The Real Challenge to Intrastate Peace

Implementing Negotiated Agreements: The Real Challenge to Intrastate Peace

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Miek Boltjes
Asser Press, 2007-05-31
EAN 9789067042406, ISBN10: 9067042404

Hardcover, 368 pages, 24.5 x 16.5 x 2.3 cm
Language: English

Most intrastate peace agreements are implemented inadequately or not at all. This leads to renewed tensions and often to a resumption of armed conflict. This book examines why the record of implementation of peace agreements between governments and population groups within their state is so poor, and what is being and can be done to change this. Most of the authors write from first hand experience, having played major roles in the negotiation and implementation of intrastate peace agreements in different parts of the world. They provide unique insights into the difficulties faced by parties to peace agreements and explore ways to overcome these. The diversity of authors and of the peace processes in which they have been involved ensures a rich, new and important contribution to the understanding of intrastate peace processes.

'Through this book's case studies and analyses of the complexities of peace-building within sovereign nations, future intrastate peace agreements hopefully will be implemented more effectively. Editor Mick Boltjes and the contributors to this excellent study of the challenges to implementing intrastate agreements have provided an invaluable resource for conflict resolution practitioners.' International Journal on World Peace