Inertial MEMS: Principles and Practice

Inertial MEMS: Principles and Practice

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Volker Kempe
Cambridge University Press, 2011-02-17
EAN 9780521766586, ISBN10: 0521766583

Hardcover, 492 pages, 25 x 24.7 x 18 cm

A practical and systematic overview of the design, fabrication and test of MEMS-based inertial sensors, this comprehensive and rigorous guide shows you how to analyze and transform application requirements into practical designs, and helps you to avoid potential pitfalls and to cut design time. With this book you'll soon be up to speed on the relevant basics, including MEMS technologies, packaging, kinematics and mechanics, and transducers. You'll also get a thorough evaluation of different approaches and architectures for design and an overview of key aspects of testing and calibration. Unique insights into the practical difficulties of making sensors for real-world applications make this up-to-date description of the state of the art in inertial MEMS an ideal resource for professional engineers in industry as well as students looking for a complete introduction to the area.