Innovation, Industry Evolution and Employment

Innovation, Industry Evolution and Employment

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Roy Thurik Edited by David B. Audretsch
Cambridge University Press, 8/5/1999
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Traditional approaches to creating employment and economic growth have failed in the 1990s. An understanding of what creates jobs and drives growth has emerged in a cross-disciplinary approach which combines industrial organisation, the economics of technological change and international economics. This approach focuses on the dynamics of firms and industries as sources of innovation (and consequently increased competitiveness, job creation and economic growth), and emphasises the shift in economic activity based on traditional factors of production to being based on economic knowledge. Innovation, Industry Evolution and Employment, edited by David Audretsch and Roy Thurik, brings together leading scholars to present important and original research in this exciting area. With case study material taken from countries including France, Germany, Holland, Canada and the US Innovation, Industry Evolution and Employment will be vital reading for policy-makers, researchers and students.

1. Introduction David Audretsch and Roy Thurik
2. Wages, firm size and wage inequality how much do exports matter Bee Yan Aw and Geeta Batra
3. Trade, technology, and wage differentials in the Canadian manufacturing sector John Baldwin and Mohammed Rafiquzzaman
4. Industrial structure and economic growth Martin Carree and Roy Thurik
5. The impact of competition on productivity in Dutch manufacturing Marcel Lever and Henry Nieuwenhuijsen
6. Does cash flow cause investment and R and D? An exploration using panel data for French, Japanese, and United States scientific firms Jacques Mairesse, Bronwyn Hall, Lee Branstetter and Bruno Crepon
7. Innovation, cooperation, and the region Michael Fritsch and Rolf Lukas
8. Industry clusters
biotechnology/biomedicine and polymers in Ohio and Sweden Bo Carlsson and Pontus Braunerhjelm
9. How and why does knowledge spill over in biotechnology? David Audretsch and Paula Stephan
10. Do services differ from manufacturing? The post-entry performance of firms in Dutch services David Audretsch, Luuk Klomp, and Roy Thurik
11. Who exits from German manufacturing industries and why? Evidence from the Hannover Firm Panel study Joachim Wagner
12. Technology intensity, demand conditions, and the longevity of firms José Mata and Pedro Portugal
13. Does startup size influence the likelihood of survival? David Audretsch, Enrico Santarelli and Marco Vivarelli
14. Barriers to growth of firms in developing countries
evidence from Burundi Micheline Goedhuys and Leo Sleuwaegen