Innovation Systems, Policy and Management

Innovation Systems, Policy and Management

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Cambridge University Press, 8/2/2018
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Hardcover, 534 pages, 23.5 x 15.7 x 3.1 cm
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Innovation is a systemic phenomenon in which institutions, such as firms, government entities and public policy incentives, interact in complex ways. Targeting specific sectors of an economy in order to improve the competitiveness and capabilities of domestic firms, interventionist innovation policies can result in the structural transformation of host economies. Numerous examples exist of such policies working successfully in emerging economies and they can be applied to any economic sector, although they are commonly associated with highly innovative industries such ICT, biotechnology and nanotechnology. Innovation Systems, Policy and Management describes how institutions and markets can best be structured in order to promote innovation in key economic sectors. Bringing together some of the leading figures in industrial policy and the economics of innovation and entrepreneurship, this book encourages the reader to think in terms of systems and business dynamics when analysing innovation behaviour, providing an approach useful to policy makers, business leaders and scholars of evolutionary economics.

Introduction Jorge Niosi
Part I. Innovation Policy and Innovation Systems
1. Sectoral systems
taxonomies, evolution and modeling Franco Malerba
2. Effectiveness of direct and indirect R&D support Pierre Mohnen
3. From market fixing to market creating
a new framework for innovation policy Mariana Mazzucato
4. Strategic alliances
identifying recent emerging sub-fields of research Fiorenza Belussi, Luigi Orsi and Andrea Ganzaroli
Part II. Innovation in Developing and Emerging Countries
5. National systems of innovation in developing countries Jorge Niosi
6. National financial systems, credit constraints, and enterprise innovation performance
an international comparison of developing nations Edward Lorenz and Sophie Pommet
7. Going with the wind
the pro-cyclical dynamics of STI efforts in Mexico Gabriela Dutrénit, José Miguel Natera, Martin Puchet Anyul and Fernando Santiago
8. Gaps in the relative efficiency of nacional innovation systems and growth performance across OCDE and BRICS countries Alenka Guzmán and Ignacio Llamas-Huitrón
9. Currency undervaluation on growth and exports in natural resource vs. manufacturing exporting countries Sanika Sulochani Ramanayake and Keun Lee
Part III. Regional Innovation Systems and Policies
10. Innovation policies and new regional growth paths Markus Grillitsch and Michaela Trippl
11. Spinoffs and clustering Russell Golman and Steven Klepper
12. Examining technological innovation systems of smart cities Masaru Yarime and Martin Karlsson
13. Does invention agglomerate? Chris Forman, Avi Goldfarb and Shane Greenstein
Part IV. Innovation Management and its Links with Policy
14. Knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship
going beyond the Schumpeterian entrepreneur Franco Malerba and Maureen McKelvey
15. The Three great issues confronting Europe
the need for a new policy stance Jan Fagerberg, Staffan Laestadius and Ben R. Martin