Input and Interaction in Language Acquisition

Input and Interaction in Language Acquisition

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Cambridge University Press, 4/14/1994
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Language addressed to children, or 'Baby Talk', became the subject of research interest thirty years ago. Since then, the linguistic environment of infants and toddlers has been widely studied. Input and Interaction in Language Acquisition is an up-to-date statement of the facts and controversies surrounding 'Baby Talk', its nature and likely effects. With contributions from leading linguists and psychologists, it explores language acquisition in different cultures and family contexts, in typical and atypical learners, and in second and foreign language learners. It is designed as a sequel to the now famous Talking to Children, edited by Catherine Snow and Charles Ferguson, and Professor Snow here provides an introduction, comparing issues of importance in the field today with the previous concerns of researchers.

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Part I. General Issues
1. The language of primary caregivers Julian M. Pine
2. The changing role of negative evidence in theories of language development Jeffrey L. Sokolov and Catherine E. Snow
3. Crosslinguistic and crosscultural aspects of language addressed to children Elena V. M. Lieven
4. Child-directed speech and influences on language acquisition
methodology and interpretation Brian J. Richards
Part II. Specific Aspects Of Input And Interaction
5. The rest of the family
the role of fathers and siblings in early language development Michelle E. Barton and Michael Tomasello
6. Phonetic and prosodic aspects of baby talk Alan Cruttenden
7. Language learning at home and school Peter Geekie and Bridie Raban
Part III. Types Of Language Learner
8. Language interaction with atypical language learners Gina Conti-Ramsden
9. Interaction and childhood deafness Clare Gallaway and Bencie Woll
10. Input and interaction in second language acquisition Majorie Bingham Wesche
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