Insecurity and Welfare Regimes in Asia, Africa and Latin America

Insecurity and Welfare Regimes in Asia, Africa and Latin America

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Ian Gough, Geof Wood, Armando Barrientos, Philippa Bevan, Peter Davis, Graham Room
Cambridge University Press, 2/26/2004
EAN 9780521834193, ISBN10: 0521834198

Hardcover, 384 pages, 23.2 x 15.6 x 3.4 cm
Language: English

Written by a team of internationally respected experts, this book explores the conditions under which social policy, defined as the public pursuit of secure welfare, operates in the poorer regions of the world. Social policy in advanced capitalist countries operates through state intervention to compensate for the inadequate welfare outcomes of the labour market. Such welfare regimes cannot easily be reproduced in poorer regions of the world where states suffer problems of governance and labour markets are imperfect and partial. Other welfare regimes therefore prevail involving non-state actors such as landlords, moneylenders and patrons. This book seeks to develop a conceptual framework for understanding different types of welfare regime in a range of countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa and makes an important contribution to the literature by breaking away from the traditional focus on Europe and North America.

Introduction Ian Gough and Geof Wood
Part I. Understanding Insecurity and Welfare Regimes in the South
An Analytical Framework
1. Adapting welfare regimes to development contexts Ian Gough
2. Informal security regimes
embedding social policy in the search for a secure institutional landscape Geof Wood
3. Conceptualising in/security regimes Philippa Bevan
Part II. Regional Regimes
4. Latin America
towards a liberal-informal welfare regime Armando Barrientos
5. East Asia
the limits of productivist regimes Ian Gough
6. The dynamics of Africa's in/security regimes Philippa Bevan
Part III. Regimes in Global Context
7. Rethinking the welfare regime approach in the context of Bangladesh Peter Davis
8. Multi-tiered international welfare systems Graham Room
Conclusion Geof Wood and Ian Gough.

Review of the hardback: 'This is the book that social policy scholars have been awaiting a very long time. Thanks to Ian Gough, Geof Wood and their collaborators, we now have a rigorous, comprehensive, and extraordinarily nuanced and subtle analysis of social protection systems in the Third World. The scholarly challenge is truly formidable, and they have met it with courage and aplomb. Insecurity and Welfare Regimes in Asia, Africa and Latin America is one of those rare books that no welfare state scholar or practicioner can ignore.' Gosta Esping-Andersen