Instantons and Large N: An Introduction to Non-Perturbative Methods in Quantum Field Theory

Instantons and Large N: An Introduction to Non-Perturbative Methods in Quantum Field Theory

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Marcos Mariño
Cambridge University Press, 9/3/2015
EAN 9781107068520, ISBN10: 1107068525

Hardcover, 376 pages, 25.5 x 17.4 x 2.2 cm
Language: English

This highly pedagogical textbook for graduate students in particle, theoretical and mathematical physics, explores advanced topics of quantum field theory. Clearly divided into two parts; the first focuses on instantons with a detailed exposition of instantons in quantum mechanics, supersymmetric quantum mechanics, the large order behavior of perturbation theory, and Yang–Mills theories, before moving on to examine the large N expansion in quantum field theory. The organised presentation style, in addition to detailed mathematical derivations, worked examples and applications throughout, enables students to gain practical experience with the tools necessary to start research. The author includes recent developments on the large order behavior of perturbation theory and on large N instantons, and updates existing treatments of classic topics, to ensure that this is a practical and contemporary guide for students developing their understanding of the intricacies of quantum field theory.

Part I. Instantons
1. Instantons in quantum mechanics
2. Unstable vacua in quantum field theory
3. Large order behavior and Borel summability
4. Non-perturbative aspects of Yang–Mills theories
5. Instantons and fermions
Part II. Large N
6. Sigma models at large N
7. The 1=N expansion in QCD
8. Matrix models and matrix quantum mechanics at large N
9. Large N QCD in two dimensions
10. Instantons at large N
Appendix A. Harmonic analysis on S3
Appendix B. Heat kernel and zeta functions
Appendix C. Effective action for large N sigma models
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