Intellectual Development

Intellectual Development

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Cambridge University Press, 6/18/1992
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Books on intellectual development typically separate development into distinct developmental periods: the formation of intelligence and basic cognitive skills that occurs until adolescence, and the maintenance, decline, or improvement of these intellectual skills across the adult life span. Robert Sternberg and Cynthia Berg have integrated research on these two development periods, by bringing together authors that provide a comprehensive overview to the major approaches to intellectual development. The authors draw on six different approaches to intellectual development through childhood or adulthood: psychometric, Piagetian, new-Piagetian, information- processing, learning, and the contextual perspectives. Common themes arise within, and across, particular perspectives, which suggests that a more unified view of intellectual development may emerge as boundary lines between perspectives and developmental periods diminish.

List of contributors
1. Perspectives for viewing intellectual development throughout the life course Cynthia A. Berg
2. The psychometric perspective on intellectual development in childhood and adolescence Michael K. Gardener and Elaine Clark
3. Major abilities and development in the adult period John L. Horn and Scott M. Hofer
4. Beyond the stage debate
action, structure, and variability in Piagetian theory and research Thomas R. Bidell and Kurt W. Fischer
5. The study of adult cognition from a Piagetian perspective James A. Blackburn and Diane E. Papalia
6. Neo-Piagetian theories of child development Robbie Case
7. A neo-Piagetian perspective on adult cognitive development Gisela Labouvie-Vief
8. The information-processing perspective on cognitive development in childhood and adolescence Kobert Kail and Jeffrey Bisanz
9. The information-processing perspective on cognitive aging Timothy A. Salthouse
10. Integrating learning into a theory of intellectual development Richard L. Canfield and Stephen J. Ceci
11. The learning perspective
Adulthood Neil Charness and Sherrie Bieman-Copland
12. A sociocultural approach to intellectual development James V. Wertsch and Bonnie G. Kanner
13. Contextual approaches to adult intellectual development Roger A. Dixon
14. The princess grows up
a satiric fairy tale about intellectual development Robert J. Sternberg
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