Intellectual Property and Human Development: Current Trends and Future Scenarios

Intellectual Property and Human Development: Current Trends and Future Scenarios

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Cambridge University Press, 10/31/2010
EAN 9780521138284, ISBN10: 0521138280

Paperback, 448 pages, 23.5 x 16 x 2 cm
Language: English

This book examines the social impact of intellectual property laws. It addresses issues and trends relating to health, food security, education, new technologies, preservation of bio-cultural heritage and contemporary challenges in promoting the arts. It explores how intellectual property frameworks could be better calibrated to meet socio-economic needs in countries at different stages of development, with local contexts and culture in mind. A resource for policy-makers, stakeholders, non-profits and students, this volume furthermore highlights alternative modes of innovation that are emerging to address such diverse challenges as neglected or resurgent diseases in developing countries and the harnessing of creative possibilities on the Internet. The collected essays emphasize not only fair access by individuals and communities to intellectual property – protected material, whether a cure, a crop variety, clean technology, a textbook or a tune – but also the enhancement of their own capabilities in cultural participation and innovation.

1. Intellectual property through the lens of human development
an introduction Tzen Wong
2. Intellectual property and medicine
towards global health equity Claudia Chamas, Joshua Sarnoff and Ben Prickril
3. Food security and intellectual property rights
finding the linkages Hans Morten Haugen, Manuel Ruiz and Savita Mullapudi Narasimhan
4. Trends and scenarios in the legal protection of traditional knowledge Charles McManis and Yolanda Terán
5. Traditional cultural expressions
preservation and innovation Tzen Wong and Claudia Fernandini
6. Copyright and capability for education
an approach to intellectual property 'from below' Margaret Chon
7. Knowledge and education
pro-access implications of new technologies Dalindyebo Shabalala
8. Cultural diversity and the arts
contemporary challenges for copyright Tzen Wong, Molly Torsen and Claudia Fernandini
9. Scenario planning on the future of IP
literature review and implications for human development Michael Gollin, Gwen Hinze and Tzen Wong.