Intellectual Property in the New Millennium

Intellectual Property in the New Millennium

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Edited by David Vaver, Lionel Bently
Cambridge University Press, 14/10/2004
EAN 9780521846431, ISBN10: 0521846439

Hardcover, 324 pages, 22.8 x 15.6 x 2.6 cm

Intellectual property law is a subject of increasing economic importance and the focus of a great deal of legislative activity at an international and regional level. This collection brings together contributions from some of the most distinguished scholars in this exciting and controversial field, covering the full breadth of intellectual property law, that is, patents, copyright, trade marks and related rights. The contributions examine some of the most pressing practical and theoretical concerns which intellectual property lawyers face. These include: expanding the boundaries of IP in the face of new challenges, such as appropriate legal responses to digitisation and new technologies; relations between developed and developing worlds; the relationship between different legal traditions in a world of increasingly shared international norms; and the relationship between intellectual property rights and other areas of law, such as contract and criminal law.

'... this festschrift is thoughtfully compiled and well written, on topics of considerable variety and importance, thus extending its shelf life beyond its immediate celebratory purpose.' World Intellectual Property Organization Magazine